Would like to make a contribution to a thread, but cannot post messages.

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I registered for the IMDb.com site because I wished to make a contribution to an existing discussion on the message boards. Unfortunately, it's one of those annoying sites that insist on extracting private information (mobile phone number or credit card number) before allowing you to become an active member. 

It's a gross invasion of privacy and I don't buy the whole it's for your own good / to police our message boards argument because it's quite easy for people to get hold of disposable SIM cards. Individuals who are intent on causing mischief will not be deterred, while a greater proportion of genuine posters will be put off and not find it worth the bother. For this reason I do not intend on becoming an active member of this site but I would be grateful if a kind soul out there would post a message on my behalf, or PM the OP of the discussion to alert them to this message.

I would like to contribute to the following thread:

Similarities between Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.


My message is as follows:

(1) Another similarity is the Deluminator (which Dumbledore gives to Ron to provide light in times of darkness) and the Phial of Galadriel / Light of Earendil (which is similarly given to Frodo to shine a light in dark places).

(2) Then there are the battles / enclosed cities under siege in Lord of the Rings versus the final battle / siege of Hogwarts in Harry Potter.

(3) Being saved / helped just in the nick of time and in precarious situations by large flying bird creatures (the eagles in LOTR and Hippogriffs in Harry Potter).

(4) The ability of the dark lord to intrude the mind of the main character (Harry Potter's visions and when Frodo puts on the ring)

(5) A union of characters who come together to fight the villain (The Order of the Phoenix versus The Fellowship of the Ring).

Also, a comment on #15 [A looking glass that allows users to see into the past (and future). (Pensieve and The Mirror of Galadriel)]

I thought the mirror of Galadriel also had similarities with the Mirror of Erised in Harry Potter. 

Finally, a message to whoever is kind enough to pass on my message...

Thank you!
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