Why so many 10/10 reviews from fresh accounts?

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I've noticed this before, but it is becoming a huge problem. A new TV show I was looking at on IMDb is getting overwhelmingly negative ratings and reviews (4/10) but there is a crazy amount of 10/10 reviews from fresh accounts that registered the same day and it's the only review they've ever made. It's not just one or two of them either, every single 10/10 review I checked was made by a fresh account. There may be no legitimate 10/10 reviews at all.

On the other hand, the real reviews are coming from accounts that are 5-10 years old and have many reviews under their name.

Without these most likely fake 10s, the real rating would be closer to 2/10.

This seems like obvious manipulation by the TV network itself, or possibly just overly-emotional fans of that TV show. Either way, something should be done about it.

Perhaps there could be a warning flag that says something like "IMDb has detected a large number of potentially fake reviews." - The gaming website/app Steam has setup a similar warning system to alert people about rigged votes.

Or just flag the reviews individually so we can quickly see who just made an account today to review it.
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I agree with your idea of marking reviews as being from New Members. Perhaps just listing each person's Join Date, and color the date green for newbies. Perhaps also a count of their ratings and a count of their reviews. (Perhaps those things could pop-up when you mouseover the user id.)

I'd also like to see a histogram of the reviews' ratings at the head/right column of the Reviews page.
And a repeat of the average rating, rating count, and link to the demographics page (like the one below.)

Notice, though, that the average IMDb Rating for A Little Late with Lilly Singh (TV Series) is 4.1, (The rating Vote does not require a Review to accompany it. There are 615 Ratings and only 98 Reviews.) Also notice that the arithmetic mean of the Ratings is 6.6. So IMDb is already disregarding many new/suspicious members when computing the average rating it displays on the title page.

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That sounds great. The join date, review count and color coding would make it so much easier, and it seems like such a simple thing to add.

I know the IMDb system already factors in suspicious ratings, and it changes the big number we see at the top, but it does nothing for me when I'm reading reviews. It's just telling me, "Here are all of the reviews - half of them are probably fake and we factored that in to the average, but we won't even give you a hint on which reviews to skip."
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Go start an idea thread using bderoes idea.
This is not a data issue.
The data is adjusted already by giving less credibility to 10 votes (Upvoting) and 1 votes (Downvoting)