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I don't know why you should put the Metacritic average rating with the titles on IMDb. It simply don't work with older movies which grew better with time because it is based mainly on the reviews given when these movies were released. Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, for example, have an 7.2 average IMDb rating, because is a movie well-regarded today, but only 28 on Metacritic, because was not well-received in 1992. I think you should stick with the IMDb ratings and forget the usually outdated Metacritic average. Thanks. 
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Maybe, but it is important for IMDb to have partnerships with non-Amazon business and charities.
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I really wonder how much new reviews are indexed in Metacritic and whether they're aggregating at all. After all, film criticism is a constantly shifting field. 
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My opinion of anything Twin Peaks has if anything remained the same for all these 29 years.
I agree with the Metacritic score. As with all Movies and TV shows that have a Cult Following ratings will rise with time. That does not mean that the original production got any better.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a perfect example of how ratings rise over time. At best it is a 6.5, but it has a 7.4, and I rank it as a 9. I'm one of many that have artificially bumped it's ranking because it is more than a movie to me.

Metacritic is a good tool for the baseline of ranking at the time of premiere. A sort of Starting Point if you will. Where we were, to a where we are now.
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If another source for professional critics on movies exists anywhere aggregated, please name one.
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About MRQE:
MRQE.com – the Movie Review Query Engine, founded in 1993 by Stewart M. Clamen, is the Internet’s largest database of movie reviews for over 100,000 titles. The continually growing site provides a searchable index of all published and available reviews, news, interviews, and other materials associated with specific movies. The unique combination of reviews, news, and user discussion—all accessed through MRQE’s search portal—allows any user to read and add to the Internet’s most comprehensive collection of opinion about film.
It seems more to be a mixed concept, and then we don't know the ranked part by pros. Last I used the source a year ago, it was good for me, but now I can not even recall why this was visited so long time ago. Maybe because their main links become dead for me: http://www.flicktweets.com/ ; http://www.outdoormovieguide.com/ ...

Anyway, it's not a pure professional critics.
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Yes, you are right, let us say this is the place where you are rather sure to find the international professional critics collected in one place. I admit I have not used it for a couple of years, maybe more :)