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We are in such a volatile era. that it is so hard to know what can even be said to people without the hate our president spews to fan the burning flames But on the Talk, they ask "what do we do? Where can we begin to fix this problem of racism?' Fist, let me say EVERY LIFE MATTERS! My heart is so sick with anger and sadness at the thought that anyone can think or feel and act on the fact that they are superior than anyone. They may be richer, smarter, born in privilege's on and on. But at the end of the day we all bleed red, and as my boss said one day "people said their sh--- don't stink but their farts always give them away!"  I hope there's space to write all that I need to say because its important. 
I am a 62 yr old single mom to a now 26 yr, old Down Syndrome daughter and a son stuck in a jail in Texas for almost 2 yrs. because  there is no money and he is not white. I am Hispanic I suppose (mother) and Irish Texan (stepfather since birth) half of us are red hair and freckles and half dark hair dark skin. I have never thought about or looked at people where the color of their skin was some sort of invisible barrier of influence.  It just wasn't something instilled in me. I'm one who believes that the purpose of life is to love one another and treat them as I hope to be treated. True youth I had a friend named Lorraine, and in my  junior year of high school she took it upon herself to make me a real live Cinderella story. I had never said I could not go, but because of her sincere loving spirit she just knew that I was not attending our winter ball. we went to her place one day after school and to my surprise she and her family dressed me from head to toe including purse. no matter how I refused they wouldn't have it.
 I tell you all this first because some reading this have not read it with blinders on and could to them, know my most loving friend was a black family. well established, owned their own hoe etc. I on the other had lived in a small little place in the midst of a middle class. another best friend of my fathers, Mr. willie Ward a commander on the USS Enterprise. the big nuclear Aircraft Carrier that docked in Alameda when in.  He could afford any place to lay his head. But he camped on our small for him couch every time.
 I like to feel he and his wife liked to check in on me. and Ill never forget him bringing a package from his wife for me. my first very nice proper bathing suit with top cover and summer  attire. I was a small girl but it was me lost behind the others doing the cooking taking care of whatever it was I had to at the time. This man and his family took us to the Naval BBQs and onto the ship at times. 5,000 sailors, a floating town. And he too was a big kind loving his country black man! God just sent me these angels throughout my life.  I would like to describe them as Afro American or I suppose negro but again I ever feel the need to say of what decent someone is in general. 
 Now to the topic of the questions How do we instill change? Where do we begin? Black, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, White any other ethnic group we are all people. We eat, drink & breathe the same. We have dreams and love our families & friends. we all have battles that some will never have to experience In my case its the fight for our children with disability's. the attacks we face are heartbreaking. the constant fear to prove their worth or to stop strangers judgement to take them away. we as Mexicans live under that silent blanket that may at the wrong place at the wrong time makes the hair on our arms stand. But this treatment of black lives being so targeted! killed, rapped, locked up because of the color of their skin is beyond reality! humanity would mean their human and they are the unwanted spirits.  and there's a whole book of thoughts there. 
I just feel that the most important place to begin change in this subject  has to be the same place all of us must begin. and that is our homes.  I remember at times when getting on the transit bus and every now and then there's' the unruly bunch. Of all kids. but then there's the black times. and it takes everything I got not to stand up and ask "Why do you talk to him like that?' Ill say knock it off guys, but I am only 4ft then and barely 5 now. I purposely began with my love for black people to hope this section is read with open minds. I believe this is a major part of where this hatred that had to have been instilled in white kids as children is fueled in silence. 
But when I hear the kids shouting "Hey N___ where  you been?' or N--you better ___" it's loud, it;s said in high tones, and it sounds like a fight could start. I have never heard my friends use that word. when I'm at a black friends home I didn't hear them use that word on one another . nor in general playing. But I have walked down the street and hear mothers yelling at their kids "n___ you better get over here before I ___" or "N_ pick that up" and my heart breaks and I'll give  the child a loving look that I hear it. and I'm left worrying for them. 
I have to ask the panel of The Talk, being so well liked and respected and while they have the whole world watching and asking and what to do. that this topic can be brought up or put on the table. we as parents of any race get angry or heartbroken to see any mother swearing at their child but the words we use (well they use) are to the point bad ugly sexual or dirty  words. 
I believe it;s been instilled for so long through the generations for black mothers to speak to their children using that unwanted and unkind word in such a threatening way but so naturally that it unknowingly creates or triggers the anger they have not even known yet. Its complicated trying to explain it. but you have those who are well educated or aware of how they wish to be precieved. and you have those who are still carefree just growing but their being raised in "Ni--- this or that" and when on a public bus or place are yelling at each other "Ni+++"it raises a sense of "oh no a fight " and the tone just calls for fear. I want to yell at them and say "knock it offf! or leave them alone!" when in reality to them it's normal" so if it's so natural and normal to them, then why do they get offended if someone other than black says "hey N--- where you been?' because then I hear "Who you calling n___, I'll kick your a." Instead of   something like the funny Steve Martin movie.

I believe if mothers would stop referring to their kids as something they themselves despise it wouldn't breed that hidden hostility. And to remove that hostle tone allows one to roam without bringing attention to an individual at all. do you know what I mean. now fathers are really probably stronger in using that word. but it;s hard enough to get to this point .

Their I said the impossible. I don't mean it to attack anyone, I don't like directing it a a particular group, And it won't stop whats happening today. Because White supremisy is leading our country and it has to stop.  I will not even look at a police officer because he's cute for fear of giving tham a reason to speak to me.  I feel for the young men and women  who have a dream to protect and better our worlds and have to fight against the most dangerous gand of all "How do they go against the  police gang" it probably explains the  suicide rate.  Police have no right murdering, raping and instilling fear.  At the same time it is wrong for the violence resulting in all this. the news just spoke of an officer being ambushed. THAT IS WRONG PEOPLE!" we are hopeing for change not death.

Cheryl is of God, I pray she understands my need to ask them to consider if it's a possibility of addressing at least for future lives. MY best friends are black and their lives matter! my brother in law is a black man. So know that in know way do I want to create more anger. I just have since a child wanted to ask at the time "why do you call them that  when you know you don't like it"

We can at leat begin here. it's not costly,  it doesnt take new policy, we don't have to creat programs, etc. we just need to not use hostility in words with our babies. creating a trigger point of what's screamed at them in trouble. heck in everyday talk.  to take the light off of them. the now is partly created by our   president allowing open racism  and spoken words to us AMERICANS the ones hes suppose to lead. instead he's glorifying it. it feels as if the klu klux klan is running our country and that is what is scary.

please forgice me for writing, the Talk ask s the question.  if brought it at least plants seed in some ears. I feel so awful being the one to write this but if it can help I must.sincerely 
Stephanie up in love by respected women of this  panel 
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This is not a poll topic.  I have been searching for 3 days how to get it to the talk in hopes that it may be taken as a possible idea for conversation of a small piece of the pie or ingredient to making change for our  next generation. It's hard to not feel empowered with dignity as our weapon against the these bullying armed police if as kids we ourselves go to our rooms not only in fear of the punishment for a deed but are slammed with a non universal I suppose, word.  In my world I don't like the term or words "wetback" I am angered in the same way to hear someone speaking of someone and then I hear "their f__ wetbacks" (forgive me Father) and though it is not the forefront here in our town, the news was always Mexicans being shot on a weekly basis. Just being pulled over. My heart fell to the floor when the murder of George Floyd took place, The fact that the officer and those around could feel so empowered over us to murder one because their black, to  know they can without conviction. I think they felt that even the president would excuse them.  and the whole world could only watch hoping that a video will get them because if anyone got involved their next.  we are recorded , spied on. our phones tapped. were ordered to stop, I had a miscarriage being shoved over my couch because they broke the door even when I'm yelling, "I'm opening it "  '
And I don't get how republican's can not change their minds about trump. instead it's like he's allowing even them to become more critical and judgmental and critical about everyone.  trump has divided the people so bad that to my face even family has put me down because I'm democrat. 

I tell strangers "I'm a democrat and you have no idea who I am. " they start with "President Obama, and I say."well I've met the President, and he's taken time out to speak with us homecare workers who fight for our children, family members and senior citizens needs and rights" that's my piece of the fight, I walk the sidewalks and knock on doors" " what exactly have you done to know how wrong we are?"  It's a scary time. Like Hitler with the Jews. 

People insists he's the appointed one. and point out to many scriptures. But every word out of his mouth is poison, lies, boastful, conceitedness. I feel he is robbing America from the inside out. I felt he planted the virus to teach a lesson but his stupidity hadn't realized the full effect. and that's why he could say "it's going away" And all I can think of is the scripture "many will be fooled. Even the best of the best" and even if he was a piece of the puzzle could it be we were given a chance to save us from this and we failed and chose him.  He's divided us so much and instilled his critical way of speech into so many and brought back the white extremists attitudes I fear it's too late to even stop the destruction unleashed 

Trump was smart in removing the restriction on churches to be able to discuss politics to its people. He used abortion to reel them in all for ensuring their votes. I get upset that years and money are spent on attacking planned parenthood. I am a worker. I have worked since a child, when I got pregnant my husband and lived on a week to week. And because I had heard of Planned Parenthood that's where I went.  It was a beautiful office. And from the moment I walked in I felt welcomed. They never pushed abortion. I only remember them asking how I felt about it and only once. They took what I could give sometimes $5. and still I was treated like I was somebody.  Over time I went there for one reason or another and always felt like a woman. Abortion was never brought up because that wasn't why I was there.  So I don't understand why their so attacked. I would not have gotten help if not for them. They have been cleaner than some places.  And people want them gone. That is a sad thing for women like me who have needed them.  But in reality I feel abortion will forever be on the table. And if churches dealt with every planned parenthood by maybe agreeing to have a small office to the side, channel the patient through them first, then they can offer all that they say they can, medical help, a place to stay through it, and placing there child in a good home. then they can actually save so many lives. because that's what causes abortion. the fear about what to do and the rushing of limited time. I'm shutting off this site. I hardly come on here. and hope I have not upset anyone. I wont know if this is the right place but hope the Talk can at least discuss among themselves if they feel it could be a reasonable fact of change. the home speech.

Thank you whoever is reading my babble. As stated I'm a single parent to my disabled daughter and even texting to adults is rare being in the stay at home lock down.