We’re Re-Naming Our Charts!

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Our teams have been working on a few new features and Charts on IMDb (like the new Most Popular TV Chart, for instance) and as part of that effort, we’re re-naming several menus and Chart-page titles.    

The intent of this re-naming is to make our menus and page titles clearer to all users, and to standardize naming across the multiple places users view IMDb  including desktop computers, mobile phone browsers, and in our Android and iOS apps.  A more consistent, easy-to-navigate experience is our goal.


We will rename our Top 250 Charts for Movies and TV to "Top Rated Movies" and "Top Rated TV Shows." The "Bottom 100 Movies" Chart will be re-named "Lowest Rated Movies."  All of these Charts are generated by users' ratings, and we hope the new names reflect that.  


Our current MOVIEmeter Chart will also be split into two new lists, one for TV and one for Movies, and renamed as "Most Popular TV Shows" and "Most Popular Movies" to better reflect the composition and purpose of the new Charts.  


The re-naming will not apply to Charts or titles on IMDbPro.  


As we always enjoy hearing from our users, please take the time to share your thoughts regarding these changes by commenting below. We look forward to reading your feedback.


Thanks for using IMDb!
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Posted 5 years ago

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There were so many posts here when the TV list rolled out, about which shows IMDb left out, it was clear users were not understanding how tbe titles were chosen. I think this is a good change!

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Gia Dolphin

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THE RADIANT ONE is my new favorite feature film for 2017. I'd like to see it on the list.
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Donal McMenamin

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Walking Dead is at LEAST top 10 - to have it 225 is an absolute disgrace - greatest TV show of all time 
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Shyam Nikhilesh

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Naruto season 1 and sjippuden is extraordinary what about that
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Shyam Nikhilesh

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It should be in top 100 at leadt
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Sir Christopher lee idol.

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I rarely watch up to date films if it has Sir Christopher lee or Peter Cushing in the film(s) then i am interested. I know folk may say they are gone and move on, well i will not if you have your favourite film idol(s) you do not wish to move on.
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Providing both a most popular and top rated list for both movies and TV should reduce the confusion for these lists.

IMDb Charts
Box Office
Most Popular Movies
Top Rated Movies
Most Popular TV
Top Rated TV
Lowest Rated Movies

However, regardless of how carefully IMDb defines the criteria for these lists, there will be people who complain that a specific film or TV program does not appear on these lists.

IMDb currently also provides these lists:
Popular Movies by Genre Each one of these genre pages, includes additional links to advanced searches for that genre. For instance, the page for Action "Most Popular Action Feature Films", provides these links:

Refine By: Highest Rated Action Feature Films With At Least 1,000 Votes

Highest Rated Action TV Series With At Least 1,000 Votes

Top-US-Grossing Action Titles
Lowest Rated Action Feature Films With At Least 1,000 Votes

Action Lists
See all 152 lists
Create a Action list  »

It would be helpful to indicate in the "Top Movies by Genre" section on the Charts page (http://www.imdb.com/chart/), that additional information is available by genre. Maybe this phrase would be sufficient:
Each Popular Movies by Genre page provides links to additional genre related charts. 
= = =

Being able to assign a tag to a list is a poorly documented feature. It appears that such a tag can only be assigned when the list is created.

= = =

Three or more years ago, IMDb also provided Top Movies and Most Popular Movies by gender. These lists were manually created. It would be useful to be have this information available again along with adding Top Movies and Most Popular Movies by IMDb demographic group:
  • Males
  • Females
  • Aged under 18
  • Males under 18
  • Females under 18
  • Aged 18-29
  • Males Aged 18-29
  • Females Aged 18-29
  • Aged 30-44
  • Males Aged 30-44
  • Females Aged 30-44
  • Aged 45+
  • Males Aged 45+
  • Females Aged 45+
  • IMDb staff
  • Top 1000 voters
  • US users
  • Non-US users
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Just like the Top Rated Movies list doesn't include documentaries, I feel like the Top Rated TV Shows list should not include documentary TV series like Planet Earth or Cosmos. 

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