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Our teams have been working on a few new features and Charts on IMDb (like the new Most Popular TV Chart, for instance) and as part of that effort, we’re re-naming several menus and Chart-page titles.    

The intent of this re-naming is to make our menus and page titles clearer to all users, and to standardize naming across the multiple places users view IMDb  including desktop computers, mobile phone browsers, and in our Android and iOS apps.  A more consistent, easy-to-navigate experience is our goal.


We will rename our Top 250 Charts for Movies and TV to "Top Rated Movies" and "Top Rated TV Shows." The "Bottom 100 Movies" Chart will be re-named "Lowest Rated Movies."  All of these Charts are generated by users' ratings, and we hope the new names reflect that.  


Our current MOVIEmeter Chart will also be split into two new lists, one for TV and one for Movies, and renamed as "Most Popular TV Shows" and "Most Popular Movies" to better reflect the composition and purpose of the new Charts.  


The re-naming will not apply to Charts or titles on IMDbPro.  


As we always enjoy hearing from our users, please take the time to share your thoughts regarding these changes by commenting below. We look forward to reading your feedback.


Thanks for using IMDb!
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Posted 5 years ago

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I think it's a good idea if Miniseries are removed from the current IMDb 250 Top Rated TV Shows list and put into their own Top 100 TV Miniseries list.

Similarly, I also think Anime/Cartoon shows should also be removed from the IMDb 250 Top Rated TV Shows list and put into their own Top 100 TV Anime/Cartoon list.

I detailed my rationale and posted this idea in the 'Ideas' forum. Please read it in detail, and Vote/Follow & comment if you want to see it happen:

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Will you IMDb people ever update the ratings of the 250 top tv series list....The ratings are 3 or more years old...
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How do you figure that?  A week ago looked like https://web.archive.org/web/20160602031234/http://www.imdb.com/chart/toptv/?ref_=nv_tvv_250_3 and titles have changed since then...so it's updated withing a week, at least.

Further, the list was only announce 10 months ago (the announcement https://getsatisfaction.com/imdb/topics/imdb-top-250-tv-beta-list-released) and didn't exist, that I know of, 3 years ago.  I know that back then people frequently suggested they create one.
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Why don't they reflected latest ratings? For instance it shows Person of Interest as 8.3. Its actually 8.5 right now. It would be nice if the changes get reflected. Cheers.
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how come Sumit Sambhal Lega, an Indian show, not included in the list even though it's rated 9.2 (by IMDB)?
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As of today, I can no longer look up for most voted feature films of any given year. I even have a direct link address saved for looking for at 'most voted feature films released in 2016', but now it just gives me a list of Most voted feature films of all time, regardless of year of release. Is there any way to bring back the aforementioned feature back? It used to be my main guide for picking new releases.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Newer IMDB style for browsing "Most Popular Feature Films" is not good , Older st....

Newer IMDB style for displaying Most Popular Feature Films is not good , Older style was better

Newer style:
-Cannot view more movies on screen, at a time, like on a laptop it's 4 movies at a glance
-Cannot FOCUS eyes better onThe Rating while scrolling down, to see them sideways.

Older style:
-Could view more movies on screen, 6 or 7 movies at a glance
-Could see and FOCUS on the number of Stars below better.

i wonder why imdb guys even changed.
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I'm probably one of the few people to say this but Steven Universe should be on the 250 highest rated charts for these reasons.
1. IMDb says that a show has to have been rated by at least 5,000 people. Steven Universe more than doubled that.
2. Steven Universe has a score of 8.4 which is higher than many shows on the list.
3. I saw at least three shows that were on the list that had a lower score than Steven Universe and had less people rate them than Steven Universe.
These points technically prove that Steven Universe should have a spot on the 250 highest rated tv shows and it also proves that the list isn't accurate.
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Why isnt the new HBO series Westworld in the top tv shows? It has a 9.2 with 27,000 votes but does not appear in the list.
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Marco Polo? Not in the list. STRANGE!!!!! o_O
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Whislist should integrate with Whishlist at amazon Prime Videos so the same list appears there also
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 why is it they take off the good movies on tv and put these stupid so called funny shows on you use to watch good clean movies now its garbage and theres too much comercials you do see any program its more comercials and they moved the walking dead from chanel 62 to 132 so now i cant even watch it any more wny did they stay on the lower channels so people could waych it it says i have to subscibe to watch it i cant afford that im an older lady and i like really good programs and thats one i liked too  please bring back some of the older programs and take off this junk i also loved the movie the green mile loved   hanks and  big micheal johnson they were just wonderful in the movie now thats the kind of movies that you can enjoy  thank you 
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Everyone has an opinion.  However this list seems to represent an invalid opinion.

For me, MASH stands as second best and head and shoulders above the rest of the pack.  And the best series of all time by a country mile is The West Wing.  In fact, I don't believe there is any possible rational argument for placing a work of art like The West Wing in any series list at 65 other than the list being generated by pure randomization.  I mean you'd really have to hate great writing, acting, directing, and production value to rate West Wing that low, no matter your idiot-ological viewpoint.
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why is PRISON BREAK not in TOP RATED TV SHOWS list, its rating is 8.4, but 8.3 rated tv shows are there in it. why IMDB?
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"The user votes average on film or show X is 9.4, so it should appear in your top 250 Movies or TV list, yet it doesn't. Why?"
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I want an official list from IMDB with tv-shows that is finished.

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