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Today I was going over my IMDB credits and my IMDBPro page... and a dozen credits (or more?!) that have been there for 16 to 25 YEARS are suddenly gone!

Among the missing credits are my credits for BEAKMAN'S WORLD (TV) for which I received two Emmy® Awards. The Emmys are still listed on my page... BUT NOT THE CREDITS IN MY FILMOGRAPHY!!!!  

Along with two other sound designers, Dave Burk and Alan Porzio, ALSO now gone?!?! And each sound designer, myself included, had on screen credit (once or twice they were incorrect, but nevertheless every episode we had on screen credit. Our assistants did not have a screen credit, but some of them ARE listed, and for episodes they were not even involved in.

This whole thing is messed up. Can we PUT IT BACK THE WAY IT WAS PLEASE?

Also missing from mine is the film "HEAT" and about 5 other TV shows (that I don't care that much about) and a half dozen feature films also missing. Also, an entire show record (it was a single-show episode/pilot "The A & K Show") Poof, completely gone, though it was distributed on home video and certainly qualified.

And these missing shows/credits I am very familiar with, many submitted before IMDB started insisting on episode listings. But it is completely unreasonable to delete credits from 25 years ago just because they are not attached to episodes, as there is no practical way to get that information now — and the other credits you still list as attached to episodes, many episodes are wrong.

I have reason to believe that another party submitted a batch of delete requests. But I never received ANY notice that my filmography was being affected. NONE.

I am paying for IMDBPro, because I use these credits for professional purposes — I'd hope to be notified if there are sudden changes to my claimed page of credits!!!!

I see other threads where people are defacing pages with spurious requests. As a matter of future policy, you seriously need to allow active members of the film industry to "FREEZE" deletions, be notified and be more involved.

As it happens I am also an author of political commentary. It's pretty easy for me to piss someone off, and I suppose an angry reader might deface a page here... Considering the other reports of page defacement, it would seem IMDB needs to get more proactive about security.

Or perhaps something else is afoot??

Please advise on how to proceed.


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Posted 2 months ago

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Looks like this is you:

Here's the full cast/crew of Beakman's World, where you are absent:
And here is the same page from November 2016, where your credit is present:

Here's your page from Feb 2017:
Nothing about the film Heat there.

You'll need a reply from IMDb staff (I'm just a user), but I wanted to see what I would find. 
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Thank you for the archive links...  yea weird on that... the thing that caused me to start auditing my filmography was when I saw BEAKMAN'S WORLD was suddenly gone, as that is literally one of my "known for" projects ?!?!?!?!?!