URGENT: Photos not displaying, Rep contact vanished and rank drop overnight

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the page of my client doesn't display anymore the primary picture, all the photos and all the reps contact info, it happened overnight! What happened? there is a valid imdb pro account updated, paid - the pictures are still there but no more pictures or profile picture on the page
With this, added another problem overnight, when we checked the rank last week 
the page was ranked 23,000 something and now, this morning all of a sudden we found out that the progression is +63770 and the rank dropped bellow 2 million!!! 
When we check the history it shows like the page have never passed 100k while we have screenshots showing the rank reached 3k and 12k...
What is happening? How is this possible?
My client is having some meetings in Hollywood this week and this technical problem happens at the worst moment.
Please could you help us resolve this obvious technical problem
Or is it possible that the profile has been hacked by someone with bad intentions? Hope it is just a random much unlucky bug and this will be solved as soon as possible?

Link to the page is: www.imdb.me/melissamars
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Posted 5 years ago

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The photos are back, which probably happened in the night (since yesterday all of the photos had vanished)

some problems are still not solved and hopefully someone can help please:

1- The ranking evolution, I have always been following the evolution of my client's ranking, and over the past few months it's been fluctuating between 30k and 20k, but today it is below 2m.
This is not the correct rank. The current rank is 22645. We have a screenshot of how Melissa's manager sees her profile while it is indicating below 2m on her page, when he tries to modify his client list, Melissa's ranking is 22645 not below 2 million. Plus the ranking history is lost as well, the evolution of her rank shows now that it's never been up 100k, but we have screen shots of her past rankings up to 3000 or more recently last year 12k, 

2- Other big problem: The reps have vanished!! 
3- Other big problem: The reel have vanished!! 

4- Fllowing the fact that the reps have vanished, the manager thought Melissa had removed him which caused her to explain to him that every of her reps had vanished and she had nothing to do with it, so he wanted to add her back, which is when he saw she was still on his list with her reel ranking (22645), but her profile doesnt have a name. We do not understand what is going on. He cant add her back since she is there on his editing list with no name but she is not displayed publicly on his profile nor on hers.

That proves there is a reel glitch, could it be that someone is hacking the page or would it be a computer glitch? 

Maybe it will come back to normal by itself like it did with the photos, but it is not helping. Why is this happening. 
Her page has always had a professionnal look updated showing her reps:
Sophie Lemaitre and Alexander Shekarchian, showing her reel, (several videos uploaded), that is not fair that all of this vanished and the ranking messed up.