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I tried several timesto add a "credit only" attribute to Janathan Adams's credit in Bones episode #1.6. I also provided a link to the episode since this actor is not present there. What proof do you need to verify this?

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Posted 3 months ago

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Hello slovakmilitary,
You need to prove that they were recognisably in the episode. The best way to do that is usually with a screen grab showing them appearing in the episode as it was first screened. It needs to clearly show that it’s an extract from the episode, not just a behind the scenes still showing that they were on the set.

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He's trying to do the exact opposite which is to say that Janathan Adams is credited but does not appear in the episode. There is no good way of providing proof.
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I provided a link, where this episode is watchable, and this edit is provable. They declined it with "unable to verify" reason, although they are perfectly able to verify that, just lazy.
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slovakmilitary .

IMDb editors get enough submissions by contributors expecting them "To Watch" some full TV episodes and/or movies. This would be absolutely impossible!!!!

If they did as you suggest, the IMDb editors would not be able to respond to us here. They would be watching all those videos for every hour of every shift!! So they would be tied up indefinitely. They cannot possibly watch any more than a clip. Since your request "Requires" an editor to watch the whole episode, which they cannot do, it is labelled as "Unable to Verify" as in "Unable to watch it" as in "Unable to devote the time".

You are making a submission request that is accepted on rare occasions. A 20+ year trusted contributor with almost a "Zero" rejection rate might get this accepted without question. I do not know about the rest of us however. When does one become trusted? There is no assignment of status in this area.

In conclusion, I would avoid contributions of this nature. If the production company listed them, then why argue?

Wait for an IMDb employee from this point on for an "Official Reply"

Good Luck!!
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So what? Should I just ignore fact, that information on that IMDb page are not right? Im only adding edits, which I personally see in credits, or in the movie/episode.  Im concerned about the validity of IMDb information since I am an administrator of other national movie database, which is considering IMDb as reference.  Im not attacking nor questioning any IMDb policy, but I didnt find any consistency in solving my edits, so I dont know how to proceed. (They usually accept my "credit only" edits, but sometimes they do not. I dont see any obvious difference in those cases. I asked several times, what should I do, but never get any answer, they just aditionally accepted those edits.)
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Hi slovakmilitary -

I have now approved the credit update and the change should be live on the site shortly.  Cheers!
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Thank you.
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Hi Michelle, Can you please help with same issue with mine? Thank you!