Unable to submit review because of typos that are not really typos

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I searched here for a similar problem and some had come close but not exactly.  I tried to submit a review (this is my first time) and he wouldn't let me because of typos. Some are like highschool, no problem, changed to high school. But then he list typos such as japanese names and words like manga, anime and femme fatale. Femme fatale is ok (despite that i don't know how to fix this, and this is an important phrase to the series). How do i "fix" words like manga and anime and various japanese names which are not english words by definition. Maybe i had missed something (if that is the case i'm sorry) does anybody got a clue?
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Posted 6 years ago

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Are you getting a complete block on submission? It is possible to simply ignore spelling errors and typos (and words that appear to be thus), however if you have so many of them, the system will require you to 'fix' to a level that is acceptable.

Normally names of characters or actors in the film do not show up as spelling errors - so I am surprised this is the case; I believe it is automated as part of the system but i may be wrong....I have just noticed that no matter how outlandish character names are, they do not seem to be flagged in my experience....

If you have the system totally refusing to let you submit then I am afraid you will have to remove or correct words until the system allows you to submit with a certain amount of perceived typos/errors (which it will).

Perhaps if you post the text you are trying to submit here, something else may come to mind, but this is all i can offer you, sorry.

note: I am not an IMDb employee, nor in any way affiliated with IMDb
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The system doesn't show the submit button only preview, even after i previewed a couple of times. On top i get the message "There were some problems with your review. You will not be able to submit your review until these problems are fixed."
downward also
"Your summary appears to be missing." and "There appear to be spelling mistakes in your review. Some suggestions have been made if you wish to correct them, but you do not need to do so to submit your review. Select the correct words from the dropdown menus and they will be replaced for you."

There weren't many errors to begin with, but after fixation i have been left with:
fatale (should be femme fatale)

That's all

You requested the text so:

So, here we have one of last year more prominent animes, i mean one
that tries to lift itself above the dross-line. HEAVY SPOILERS AHEAD...
The protagonist is a high-school student named Takao Kasuga, a typical
high-school student who has an ideal fantasy class high-school girlfriend
whom he loves from afar (or to put it in his words, a "femme fatale")
and thinking himself more supreme and intelligent from his classmates
because he reads more and especially reads poetry. Things go wrong one
moment when he is alone in the class and sees his idealized girlfriend
underwear, in an uncontrolled urge he picks them up sniffs them and then
when wanting to put them back into the locker students start to arrive
in the hallway so in the rush of the moment he hides them and carry
them home with him. But one girl sees it, the class outsider and loner
Sawa Nakamura, who from now on blackmail him and taunts him for the
rest of the series. So, reading the premise of the series i thought
that what she was going to do to him is physical humiliation, but the
things she does to him are mainly horrible in his head. Yes, to most
persons (more than people are willing to admit), school
students and youths in particular this can be humiliating, but far from
something that will ruin someones life. So, as people realized by now,
his a weak jelly instead of a spine non-male in the style that becomes
more and more prevalent in anime's since the 2000's (think Golden
Time's Tada Banri for an equal or even worse). I wonder if the director
or manga this is based on is trying to tell a story in the style of
Margaret Atwood "Cat's Eye" where the torment of the main character is
psychological, it isn't good as cat's eye. Moving on, it is pretty
obvious why he is so afraid of Nakamura, he deems himself
idealistically pure, he is more good natured, more worthy and sublime
from his classmate brutes, then comes Nakamura, a girl who is not only
stronger than him and has perversions, but she's got no problem with
her perversions, she's, in a way, "a natural" and more pure than him.
At some point, Takao befriends his ideal classmate girl Nanako, who is
a simple minded schoolgirl who finds Takao something of a cross between
a weirdo and an almighty youth intellectual, therefore alluring.
Nakamura orchestrate their relationship in a way that, to her, it
always will look like Takao's fault every time more details about the
mysterious underwear thief are discovered. Despite that, his behavior is so
remote from her she tries to understand him, in the episode where they
escape to the mountain, Nanako is literally brought to tears by his
behavior, but still, Nanako image as a femme fatale is broken for Takao,
who sides with Nakamura, you are decadent not because you want to but
because you can't help it. Too strong(?) for Nanako and too weak for
Nakamura, they both leave him. In the last episode we get to see
Nakamura's diary and her motivations into her teacher-student of
perversions relationship with Takao, in short, she thought she had
found an equal to evil like hers, she could teach him true humanity,
which is evil, because every good person has an horrible perversity in
his core, and the mass of humanity are hypocrites who hide their true
core under veils of goodness, that's why she wants to go behind the
mountain and see if there is something beyond ultimate peak of nature (she tries to bring the symbol into tangible reality, which is a very uncommon way to use symbolism. She's almost aware of it, almost, but then she's not, and i wonder what the author of this had in mind).

So, maybe there is something other to this, but this is all very
predictable and done better in other places. The animation, places, direction and mindfulness of other surrounding stuff that related to making film and art are certainly interesting and something different, but aren't good enough to make you forget it's subtext weakness. The themes here are
undoubtedly decadent (Baudelaire and staff) and a little bit
nihilistic.  A little above average but that's all.

it's 724 words not including punctuation the last time i counted.
and i checked the spoiler button.

thanks in advance
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You're ignoring the most relevant sentence:
Your summary appears to be missing
If you don't have a one-line summary in the field then it will not let you submit....this has nothing to do with spelling errors or typos.

Let me try:

^ so I enter the text you gave me, you note I have also left the summary field blank.

^ You see now I get the same problem; there is no 'submit' button and it talks about spelling and my missing summary. So in the next step the only change I will make is to add a summary line.

^ you see now the added summary line = a submit button...meaning I can now submit the review. The system still points out what it thinks are spelling errors it would like you to review....but it is not forcing you to do so....so now I am free to click submit on this review (which I won't since it is your work!!)

Hope this helps - the problem was nothing to do with spelling errors or typos but was to do with the missing summary line, as the warning text told you....please address this and you'll be okay!

note: I am not an IMDb employee, nor in any way affiliated with IMDb
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It worked, thanks!