Un-merge two profiles - imdb refuses, what to do?

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Hi there, I have a big problem! maybe someone of you could help? I'm Anton z Risan, and I have a few small credits in minor films as cast/producer/ etc And it all used to be fine, but recently my imdb page has been merged with someone else called Anton Dickson that has his own credits in the cast category,

The page is this: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1563782/re...

I have requested that imdb split up these two profiles / correct their data, but so far they haven't, saying that the data is correct (but it's not), and saying that as the freebase.com website is showing a merged data for these two seperate persons they cannot change their data,

I have messaged with the freebase team and they won't so far change their data as they are taking the information from the imdb website (which is wrong), so at the moment I'm in a limbo...

This has caused me huge distress and I've lost out on work opportunities in the last year as the other persons credits are linked to adult content films, which I have nothing to do with. Can anyone please help me correct this information,

thank you Kind regards Anton
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anton Z Risan

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  • anxious to resolve this asap

Posted 6 years ago

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Anton: How did you submit your request to have the credits separated? Did you use the "Edit page" function or did you submit a request to the Help Desk? (Usually, I would think that the "Edit page" method would work better.)

Can you post a list here of which of the credits on the combined page are yours, and what part of the biographical information at http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1563782/bio is yours?

And do you happen to know what the data at Freebase.com has to do with the situation? I had never heard of that site before and I didn't know that IMDb might be relying on it.
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That is tremendous, I don't think I've seen that much masturbation research go into an answer...really well done.
You'll need this now though.

note: I am not staff nor in any way affiliated with IMDb
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@Vincent...great work.  Sorry that people waste the time of others this way.  It's really becoming ridiculous.  There are so many of these now.

@bob...LOL, awesome post!

@Anton...why???  I don't expect an answer to that, but thought I'd try and hoped you'd return with an apology.  It's far more likely, you will just not return to the thread, except maybe when you find out that it you can't deleted it and that it now appears when people google you (and you, in stead, just change your user name)...
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I don't need an apology. I'd actually just like confirmation.

I just want to embrace the truth and make the page more accurate.

And I hope Anton realizes this isn't put together maliciously. The goal here is accuracy, not judgement.
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Absolutely...but still it would be nice...
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Hi there,

and thank you for all the research you have done Vincent, and the fun comment from Bob, and the bitchy comment from BluesmanSF, all good indeed, you can reach me on antonzrisan@me.com
and I would be happy to answer / clarify any questions you might have,

thank you,
kind regards anton