There are two pages for the same person/name. How do I combine them?

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Sometimes we may have two separate listings for the same person (this may happen for example when people use different spelling variations of their name on different films, or because of typos in the credits). In other cases we may not be sure or aware that all credits belong to the same person, particularly if there's a long gap between credits or if they belong to different categories (e.g. an actor and a director), so we created two separate listings.

To submit a correction and combine two or more filmographies, you can use the 'Name Correction' option to correct the name of one person to the name of the second, which will cause them to be merged. For example, if you know that the pages for John Smith (I) and John Smith (II) refer to the same person, you would go to the page for John Smith (II), click on the Edit Page button at the bottom of the page, select the 'Name Correction' option and submit a change change his name to John Smith (I). Once processed, this will result in a merge of the two names.

Important notes:

  1. you need to submit the correction so that the old/outdated/incorrect name is changed to the current/correct name, not the other way around. Please remember that we always list filmographies/people under their most commonly and/or recently credited name. So you need to go to the page for the old/incorrect name and enter the name of the second listing as the 'destination' name. You'll need to enter the name exactly as it appears in the second listing (you should get a message warning you that the second name already exists: this is ok). If all names are the same and only have different roman numerals, you should correct names to the lower numeral (i.e. if John Doe (III) and John Doe (VI) are the same person, John Doe (VI) should be merged into John Doe (III) rather than the other way around))

  2. please verify that the two names really refer to the same person and that all credits on both filmography pages belong to the same individual. If even just one credit on either page belongs to a different person with the same name, you should NOT submit a correction via the above-described method and contact us directly instead. If you are unable to submit the correction via the web form, please contact our helpdesk and provide specific details (i.e. the URL of the pages for both name and which one of the two is the correct/current name) and your request will be forwarded to our staff.

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