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Dear IMDB Support, I am the producer and owner of the feature film “Warrior”. The release date for my feature film “Warrior” in the United States and internationally throughout the world is 2017 and (2017) should replace (2002) everywhere in the IMDB listing of my movie as the only title for “Warrior” is “Warrior” and I never authorized the use of the title Mexican Blow for my movie Warrior and the aka Mexican Blow used by IMDB as a title of my movie “Warrior” must be deleted and Film Canal and XVIII Entertainment are not distributors I engaged for distribution and Film Canal and XVIII Entertainment and must be deleted as Distributors. Thank you. Bruce Singman brucesingman @
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Posted 2 years ago

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Well, it's certainly a popular title - there are by my count no fewer than 20 films titled "Warrior", two of which are in 2017, albeit (Video) and (Short). As a mere data inputter I'm not qualified to answer your distributor questions, but the release date is generated from the earliest of any release dates entered into the db for your movie. The 2002 Warrior has three: 2002 (AFM screening), 2002 (DVD premiere) and 2017, the latter seemingly a general release. Was there not an initial AFM screening in 2002? If there wasn't it should be fairly easy to delete that. In the IMDb help for release dates it says "Please do not submit video or TV release dates for titles which did receive a general theatrical release (outside festivals) in the same country as we do not have the resources to track every video and TV screening date in the database." So that release date should be able to be deleted. There's a Laguna Productions dvd (see Amazon) titled "Mexican Blow" that is this exact film - could this be where the spurious name started? How are you connected, if at all, with Laguna Productions? I'm just curious how this whole "Mexican Blow" title got started. These problems will have to be sorted by an IMDb employee, I think.

On another point, there are three separate IMDb pages for "Bruce Singman", I, II and III. (I) is definitely you as it has your Warrior film, plus producer/writer credits for several sports-type shorts. (II) is a single credit for Thanks for "UFO: The Greatest Story Ever Denied II - Moon Rising" (2009). Could this possibly be you? And (III), a completely blank page. If (II) is, indeed, you, these pages could be merged into yours and the Roman Numerals would be dropped. Any thoughts?

Lastly, sorry you have to go through all this and I hope an employee can straighten it out for you.

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Bruce: I am confused by the situation. The film known as "Mexican Blow" did indeed get some kind of release in 2002, apparently; Joe Bob Briggs reviewed it in 2002 ( and posted a review no later than January 2003 (

The question in my mind is: Is the film being described in those reviews your movie? Or has the data for your film somehow gotten mixed up with a different movie? If the latter, what parts of the information on the page (cast, crew, etc.) pertain to your film, and what parts pertain to the other film?