Watchlist: The concept of a watchlist has evolved in the past two decades, fostering confusion on IMDb.

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IMDb was around a lot longer than the related or unrelated AV streaming services that have come to adopt the term "watchlist" to refer to entries in their online playback archives that have been picked by respective subscribers thereto, whereby each viewer profile has its own alterable list of directly-playable items.

However, in light of the prominence of such streaming services, and the emergent popular expectation that a watchlist contains items that can be streamed on demand; should IMDb watchlists henceforth be referred to as something else as far as how the idea is conveyed to registered users and visitors in general? If so, what other term or word could adequately describe the particular feature facilitated by the website and its apps? The only things I can think of are "bookmarks" and "list of must see titles".

Just to note:
  • Amazon Video uses the term "watchlist".
  • Netflix streaming service uses simply the word "list": My List.
  • Hulu uses the term "watchlist".
  • Crackle uses the term "watchlist".
  • Vudu uses the term "watchlist".
  • FandangoNOW uses the term "watchlist".
  • Google Play uses the term "watchlist".
  • HBO Now and HBO Go use the term "watchlist".
  • Showtime streaming service uses simply the word "list": My List.
  • Starz streaming services seem to use the term"playlist".
  • YouTube uses the phrase "watch later": Watch Later playlist.
  • Vimeo uses the phrase "watch later": Watch Later queue.
  • Netflix disc service uses or used the term "Instant Watch Queue".
  • Xbox Live has the "pins" feature.
  • Amazon general has the "wish list" feature.
In all of the above, it is possible to have items in your list that are unavailable for streaming online, although in Netflix streaming service's case, the items become hidden for the duration of unavailability.

  • What does the IMDb Community think of all this?
  • Is the confusion significant?
  • What can be done to mend the confusion?
  • Would taking action even be worthwhile?
For whosoever it would please, by all means, feel free to provide feedback or information about the conventions (and paradigms) currently used, previously used or predicted to be used in other services.

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  • mostly a little bit tired of people inquiring about how to watch movies and episodes through IMDb.

Posted 2 years ago

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"LookatLaterList" ? ?

Your Watchlist:

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add  to this
Please know that IMDb is not a streaming service

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How do I watch a movie
Crystal Rose
Posted 7 days ago

Jeorj Euler
Hi, Crystal Rose. Click or press the play button

Claire, Official Rep
Hi Crystal,
Please know that IMDb is not a streaming service.

Add that to ...
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Please know that IMDb is not a streaming service.
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Watch List ? ?

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It's not about a few titles that can't be watched.  If every single item in Netflix or Amazon watch lists could not be watched, they'd have zero members.  Imdb offers zero titles that can be watched.  If I basically will have to hunt for the movies in my "list" anyway in order to actually watch them, a paper list does that and I don't have to log in to look at it. 
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OK, let us call it not "Watchlist", but "Docket". Then tomorrow the same amount of users who do not care much in understanding the system they operate today will start similar questions but "Where is the watchlist"...

Indeed, they do not care how you call it, all they want is to watch it right now right here.
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What would a Vote for this Idea mean?
IMDb does provide (optional) email notifications for Watchlist titles with current-day release date, which motivates its name, I suppose. But lots of posts here recently involve confusion over the inability to stream titles on IMDb, mostly due to the Watchlist.

Perhaps it needs to be called Notifications List?
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Huh, I'm surprised there are people complaining they can't watch movies right from their watchlist.. No need to be a genius to understand IMDB is not really a streaming service. I always thought everyone uses it to bookmark titles they plan to watch, or maybe they have already watched. But if it comes to renaming it, "bookmarks" makes sense.
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The percentage of IMDb visitors who don't understand how the site superficially works may be very small, but sometimes they stand out whenever they speak up for their respective first times addressing the matter.