Live Poll: You Say You Want a Revolution?

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In celebration of America's Independence Day, which of these revolutionary films do you like most?

* set in an actual revolution, no fictional wars
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Posted 3 years ago

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thank you jen...excellent poll...

and i pray that people don't just pick 'the popular ones' or 'the latest ones' as they so often do, half the time because they aren't familiar with the really good ones...

and there are a few good ones on here...two that strike me immediately...they are 'brazil' (one of my favorites), and 'bloody sunday' (truly a masterpiece!), and indeed, my votegetter...

and i do implore everyone who hasn't seen 'bloody sunday' to do so...james nesbitt is brilliant in this film (as he is in everything he does)...but the gravitas of the film doesn't necessarily lie with's not even the importance of the subject matter (which is indeed important)'s the combination of elements that make this one of those 'perfect' films (script, acting, cinematography, etc.)...

so if you haven't seen a 'perfect' film in a long time, now's the time...

again...thanx jen...
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Indeed, I do want a revolution. :-)

'Good poll, good list with some very good films: Reds, Lawrence of Arabia, Brazil, Bloody Sunday, and I think there was another that I'm forgetting -- all virtuoso films. My favorite is Reds, which is one of my all-time favorites. 
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Lawrence of Arabia,

FYC Doctor Zhivago, V for Vendetta, Z,
Godfather 2 ???(cuban revolution)

Z I love the fact a letter could cause so much disruption, that Greek military juanta banned the letter, "Z" until they finally were overthrown.
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Jen, do you want to add any of the suggestions?
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I have added Zhivago and Z.
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No Snowpiercer? Aw. . .

That is if this poll is just about revolutions in general. But that would be my vote if it wasn't too late to suggest something.
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Can't choose between Z (1969) and The Battle of Algiers (1966).

Honorable mention to 1776 (1972).