Live Poll: Rolling Stone's Greatest Horror Movies of the 21st Century

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Here are the top 35 of Rolling Stone's 50 Greatest Horror Movies of the 21st Century. Which scared your pants off? 

Note: text quotes are from Rolling Stone's original list. 

#35 Ginger Snaps 
#34 What We Do in the Shadows 
#33 A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night 
#32 Amer 
#31 Cloverfield 
#30 You're Next 
#29 Antichrist 
#28 Martyrs 
#27 The Strangers 
#26 Ju-on: The Grudge 
#25 Trouble Every Day 
#24 I Saw the Devil 
#23 Drag Me to Hell 
#22 Inside 
#21 Kill List 
#20 The Host 
#19 Crimson Peak 
#18 The Others 
#17 Berberian Sound Studio 
#16 High Tension 
#15 The Orphanage 
#14 A Tale of Two Sisters 
#13 It Follows 
#12 The House of the Devil 
#11 The Devil's Backbone 
#10 Under the Skin 
#9 The Descent 
#8 Shaun of the Dead 
#7 The Witch 
#6 Pulse 
#5 The Cabin in the Woods 
#4 The Conjuring 
#3 The Babadook 
#2 Let the Right One In 
#1 28 Days Later... 

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Posted 4 years ago

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#4 The Conjuring 
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Thanks for the love LD.
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The Conjuring.
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I've only seen one but I suspect it would be my choice, The Others. As for the others, I'll give them a chance. But from what I heard, Inside is the goriest of all, it's not horror horror, it's really horrific, not even so gory you stop taking it seriously, watch the trailer and you'll have an idea (original title: A l'Intérieur)
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The Strangers, I'm surprised that I have seen half of the list, which makes me more intrigued to watch the rest.
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I've seen 18 of these films...and I don't "like" horror movies. :D
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Live Poll: Congrats on another live poll :)
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Gracias! This is a tough one...I'll wait a few days and see which of my picks has the least votes and vote for that one.
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the poll was "which movie scared your pants off?" #4 & #5 are comedies how on earth are they so far up?
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Rolling Stone made the list - they ranked the movies.
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