Live Poll: In Memoriam: Danny Aiello

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For which of his performances will you remember him most?


Oscar nominated actor, Danny Aiello, died on December 12th, 2019, at the age of 86. He had starring roles in acclaimed movies such as 'Do the Right Thing,' for which he was nominated for both an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award, and memorable supporting roles in films like Oscar winning 'Moonstruck' and 'The Godfather: Part II.' His talent and charm will be missed by many and we send our sympathy to his family and friends. For which of his performances will you remember him most fondly?
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Posted 4 months ago

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Thank you for creating this poll suggestion. I heard about Danny Aiello's death on NPR this morning.
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So sad... I hate this part of life :(

Loved him in Do the Right Thing; his character was so memorable.
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1.)"JACOB'S LADDER(1990)"


PERSONAL NOTE:  I also remember Danny as Lt. Terry Mc Nichols in the 80's T.V. show "LADY BLUE", with Jamie Rose  as Katy Mahoney, a tough-as-nails Chicago police detective.  Aiello played her no-nonsense boss who tried to keep her from getting into trouble, which wasn't easy, of course.

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saw him on broadway starring in 'knockout'....he was great...i always loved his movies and 'ruby', for the subject matter alone, is at the top...of course 'do the right thing' was classic, but my vote goes to 'dinner rush'...all i can say is if you haven't seen it, do so...aiello stars as a restaurant owner who has seen better days...a brilliant tour de force for aiello....

nice one fruit....
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Oh, that must have been great to see him on Broadway! And yes, I did see 'Dinner Rush' and couldn't agree with you more. I love him in that film; he was good in anything but that movie was a perfect platform for his performance - they become seamlessly inseparable from one another. 
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Please Ruby, can't you make this an image poll? that would be the best way to have a final look on Aiello's career by looking at him in each of his roles. Also... I recently uploaded his glorious wink in "Once Upon a Time in America" it would be perfect for a tribute.

Just me but I would also put "Ruby", "Harlem Nights" and "Cairo" higher in the list... hes barely recognizable in "The Godfather Part II" with less than a minute of screen time...

Rest in Peace, Mr. Aiello...
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I completely would if I could, ElMo. I much prefer image polls. There just aren't images for several of his roles and since this would have to go live soon, there's not enough time to find and upload photos.

Oh and the films are in alphabetical order except for the first five and last one; I always put things either in alphabetical order or, occasionally, chronological order, because when I vote in polls, I like when there's a way to keep track and easily find the choices I prefer. 

I love him in 'Purple Rose of Cairo,' too. 
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