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Character actor R. Lee Ermey has passed away at age 74. Ermey, who was a Marine who served in Vietnam before being medically discharged, got into acting in a round-about way, starting as a technical advisor on The Boys in Company C, Apocalypse now and An Officer and a Gentleman. He was employed as such for the film Full Metal Jacket (1987) when director Stanley Kubrick saw a tape of him verbally abusing extras and subsequently cast him in the pivotal role of Gunnery Sergeant Hartman. Deferring to his expertise, Kubrick even allowed Ermey to write and improvise his own lines, something Kubrick rarely allowed.

A truly bombastic performer, Ermey will be best remembered for his breakthrough in Full Metal Jacket. But which of his other most well-known roles have you enjoyed most? 

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Posted 2 years ago

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Good call to omit Hartman... the voting would have been a straight massacre.

The only other role I've ever seen him in was Sarge in the Toy Story (1995) films, and I doubt that'd change due to the nostalgic tie I have to it. So I'll go with that one.

Another day, another sad celebrity death. RIP.
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Excellent call! I wonder if anyone is thinking about a poll dedicated to Hartman's quotes, I'm planning to start on one, unless someone already thought of it.
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I've uploaded a few photos, so there may be some titles missing, or bad photos that will be replaced.
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Toy solders
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My Vote: Sarge in the Toy Story (1995) films
Beside main characters it was the voice of sarge which was really fascinating.
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Need to name a Gun Range or  MC base section for Ermey alone. Hwy, Road, street, Lane?
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I'm waiting for one more photo to be approved so I can add the character.
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I got your email that your poll is ready. Thanks for letting me know.
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It is hard to get past Full Metal Jacket (1987), but I would say his TV host work Mail Call and other series would be what he is best remember for. Otherwise, my vote goes to Mayor Tilman in Mississippi Burning (1988). A great actor and seeming a great guy too.
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A superior character actor whose presence will be thoroughly missed in media. 
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Yesterday I cried a tear. Good old Hartman is gone. :(
I've seen Full Metal Jacket in both, english and german language - and believe me:
With the german synchonization, he is the hell of a hard guy. I heard him in english
later, another time and i was a little dissapointed, because he sound three times
more harsh and bad in the german synchonization. Try it - put in german synchonization
with subs and get the hell of fears, when gunnery seargent Hartman shouts at the
recruits and when he shouts through the fourth wall.

R.I.P. Ronald Lee Ermey :((
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