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What is the minimum rating a title must have for you to watch it? 


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Posted 3 years ago

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To me, the first thing is story, then comes the rating.

Most of the time I prefer movies with at least 7/10 ratings.
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Me too, usually I look for movies rated 7 or higher, unless it's a cult film or a subject that I really want to see. Sometimes I watch a low rated controversial film just to know what all the fuzz is about.
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Mostly 6.
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 In theaters a 7.

In tv I can watch anything, so a 1. I even look for a bad film ocassionally

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I'd say 4
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Do you think a better title would be "How Low Will You Go?"?
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I like that title better Jen ^!
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Changing it.
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4 is the lowest  I think I would go and have gone.
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Then you have missed Plan 9 From Outer Space!!
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I seldom pay attention to ratings when choosing films for myself. I am more likely to read reviews from critics whom I normally follow when selecting films. Since I am familiar with these critics preferences, I use their reviews as a gauge of which films I will likely enjoy.
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My number is about  an 6.6 or 6.7. Meaning, if I'm looking at a movie I'm curious about and it has a rating lower than 6.6 or 6.7, there needs to be something additionally compelling in order for me to still watch it. So I marked "6" for my answer.
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Dimos Dicoudis

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I rarely pay attention to the ratings. My tastes rarely match those of the general public or the critics. I am an Ed Wood fan and consider "Glen or Glenda" and "Bride of the Monster" to be great films with great scripts. (I don't really like "Plan 9 from Outer Space" as I find its plot holes too off-putting). I am often fascinated with obscure and semi-obscure horror films, fantasy, science fiction, and crime. I find many critical darlings to be mediocre, predictable, or suffering from poor writing and acting. I still think "Gladiator" is among the worst films I have ever seen, full of anachronisms, absurd premises, one-dimensional characters, and silly dialogue. And the crowds loved it. 
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Ratings and reviews are useful, but
I usually check the message boards too.
... Oh wait ...   :-/
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I watch more than my share of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and RiffTrax episodes.  So... I can't possibly answer anything but...

It doesn't matter the rating - I'll watch anything rated from 0.1 to 10 stars!

Then again, I know what I'm getting into.  I find it bizarrely funny when someone who ... says watches the first 3 Transformers films and hates them out and out but sincerely acts surprised when the 4 film is equally terrible or worse.  And they just want their money back.

Will someone give these goofs a dope slap?  Thanks in advance.


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I'd say if a film is rated 5.0 or higher then I'll likely watch it but it depends on the story. If I read a synopsis of a film and find it sounds really intriguing but it gets a low rating from the public, then it may put me off a bit but I'd probably still be keen to watch it, just maybe not pay for it as a rental or purchase it as a DVD or BluRay but I'd probably add it to my watchlist and I'd consider either recording it if it comes on TV or/and watching it on Netflix if its available there.

If it gets a rating higher than 6.0, then I'll definitely want to see it and will likely add it to my rental list, if it isnt on Netflix. Ratings between 5.0 and 6.0 are a bit sort of 'meh, maybe' but ratings any lower will generally make me presume their not worth seeing, unless im recommended it by a friend perhaps or something like that.
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If the rating is seven or more can I almost be certain that it is worth watching, regardless if the plot interesses me, but if I have a very specific favorite genre then I can appreciate movies with really low ratings. I can love a spoof at 3.7 but at 8> I can watch a film about masonry for two hours without noticing that I really don't like the plot/subject. Heh-heh :D