Submitting first credited credit for actor who only has uncredited credit - not being published

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I'm having problems getting a submission published: it never appears and I've recently had a message back from the help desk which I don't understand, relating to uncredited credits.

I know the rule is that if a person's name does not already exist and you submit a credit with no credit order and an "uncredited" attribute, the entry does not appear. I've never been sure whether that entry is discarded or whether it's held in an invisible state until such time as a credited / credit order entry is submitted for the same person and a different title - I believe the latter.

But I'm submitting a full credited credit with credit order:


"Dalziel and Pascoe" (1996) {The Dig: Part 1 (#9.5)}
Cast - Add
Name: Morson, Hayley
Character: Paramedic
Order: 21

Miscellaneous Comments - Add
Type: Actresses
Text: My last two attempts 150810-213527-832000 and 150812-172243-952000 to add this credit were ignored. Here is screenshot of credits The entry for Hayley Morson (who did not exist before) was created almost immediately but even after 12 days she has not been linked to the title.

As you can see I submitted the same thing twice before, firstly as part of a larger set of credits for this title, the rest of which were accepted fine, and then secondly in isolation - the only difference from this this time is that now I've submitted a still of the credits as confirmation.

I've had a response from the help desk:

"I see you have added the above name to an episode of Dalziel and Pascoe.
Unfortunately, both of Hayley's current credits are (uncredited), and IMDb does not display filmography credits for individuals with an entirely uncredited filmography (see the policy here:

Once Hayley has a full credit on a title, all of her credits will be displayed."

I don't understand this: I *have* submitted a full (not uncredited) credit, so why is it not appearing and also displaying for the first time her uncredited credits?

As far as I remember, I got a "this is a new person" type message on the first submission, but I'm not certain after all this time. The help desk's response suggests that the entry did exist but with hidden uncredited credits only. Not that it should matter.

If the actress does have hidden uncredited credits, is there something that I should have done differently, other than submitting a full credit in the normal way, as I have?

I've discussed this on the Contributor's Help forum on the IMDB site and the opinion of one long-standing fellow contributor is that it should have been accepted without any hassle.
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Posted 5 years ago

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According to the Data Processing Times, they're currently processing submissions for that type of credit that were submitted August 22 which is the date you submitted your request. So, they're just getting to it now. I'd wait a few days and see if it goes through. With your screen capture of the credits, it should go through with no problem.

There should be nothing that you should do differently because of previous submissions for "uncredited" work.

My understanding is, yes, uncredited submissions can be approved but are suppressed from view until there is at least one "credited" role displayed. I am not sure if there is set period of time it remains without needing to be re-submitted but I'd wait, if/when the other credit is processed, a week or so to see if the "uncredited" work appears. If not, just re-submit it.
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Ah OK. I was misled by the fact that all other credits I've submitted have been published with 24-48 hours. Evidently there's something that requires more manual inspection and processing with this one, but if it's still within the oldest submission for this data type then that's OK. I did check with a previous submission of the same data, but I forgot to check on this occasion.
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A 'new person' credit has to go through a step to create the page. Even if the page already exists (as in the case of a 'first credit for this section'), it still must be processed by this section first. This can add a couple of days to the processing time.
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Maybe what I've experienced has been a combination of several problems, not just a single one: firstly a lost/rejected credit when I submitted it as part of other cast corrections to the episode; then secondly a "need more evidence" when I re-submitted it isolation, but without a supporting screenshot; and now finally a longer than normal "new person (in this section)" delay.

Anyway I'll give it another week and see if anything's changed, before trying yet again.

Roll on the day when individual credits within a submission can be rejected with a reason sent to the submitter, and with the chance for the submitter then to discuss this and get a timely response. At present it's possible for an overall submission to get a "pending" or "accepted" status in the tracking system, even though it later turns out that specific data within that submission gets rejected, with no reversal of that status or indication of what/why.
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Hi Martin -

The cast credit for 'Haley Morson' is now listed on the episode page here.  Cheers!
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Yes I spotted it a little while ago. Many thanks for everyone who made it happen!

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