Soundtrack writing credits display issue when there are duplicate song titles

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When a title has two (or more) Soundtrack song entries with the same name, and that song is linked to the same artists name page... those credits are not properly displayed on those name pages.

The song "Moonlight Desires" is credited twice.  It's written by the same person, but performed by different people.
Now look at the name page
and find the line for WolfCop (2014)

The first song is missing from his listing, it shows: (writer: - as Lawrence Gowan)
intead of (writer: "Moonlight Desires" - as Lawrence Gowan)

Since examples of this are too hard to locate given the limited search tools, I don't know is this is because of the (as ...) credit, or applies to all situations with song names that are the same within a single title.  Either way, it needs to be fixed.

This problem may also affect other sountrack attributes, like 'Performed by', or 'Produced by'.  If there were a title entry used for testing, this could be determined.

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Posted 2 years ago

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What I see for Gowan is
WolfCop (performer: "Moonlight Desires") / (writer: - as Lawrence Gowan) / (writer: "Moonlight Desires" - as Lawrence Henry Gowan) 
What I usually see on the Title's Soundtracks when a song is performed more than once in a film is something like:

Moonlight Desires 
Written by Gowan (as Lawrence Gowan) 
Performed by Gowan 
Performed later by Shooting Guns 

But I'm referring to older films that didn't list many of the songs (or other credits) onscreen.

Do you have access to the film's credits? Is it listed twice there, 5th and 7th?

I'll be on the lookout for a similar situation, and will report back here if I find one.
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Without buying or renting the movie, I don't have access to those credits.  But IMDb staff should have access without having to pay, given that they're all part of the same company...

I know I've come across this more than once, and probably a couple of times in the last couple of months.  But there's no way to know because I don't know how to search for this specific set of circumstances.
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Hi, Ron and bderoes:

As you suspect, I think that the issue has to do with the use of as... attributes. As long as every instance of the linked artist for a same song name and a same role ("written by", "performed by", "by", etc.) is represented the same way (i.e. every instance with the exact same as... attribute, or no as... attributes at all) there'll be no problem at the name page.

For example, the three titles on IMDb where a same song name is most repeated are:
On the other side:
  • "La Paloma" in Soul Kitchen (2009): 5 times
    Sebastián Yradier has the attribute (as Sebastián de Yradier) in all his writing credits except for one. This causes the display glitch in his name page.
  • "Devil Got My Woman" in The Soul of a Man (2003): 5 times
    Skip James has three different roles ("written by" [4 times], "performed by" [2 times] and simply "by" [once]):
    • All except one of the "written by" entries have the attribute (as Nehemiah James): this results in "Devil Got My Woman" being excluded from the songs listed with "writer" and (as Nehemiah James); it does appear under "writer" though, but without the NAKA.
    • One of the two "performed by" credits has the attribute (as Nehemiah "Skip" James): again, this results in "Devil Got My woman" being excluded from the list of songs where he's "performer" with a NAKA.
    This happens again with the same person and song in "The Blues" (2003) {The Soul of a Man (#1.2)}: 4 times
  • "Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee" in "American Masters" (1985) {Good Rockin' Tonight: The Legacy of Sun Records (#16.5)}: 3 times
    Malcolm Yelvington has two "performed by" credits, only one with the attribute (as Malcolm Yelvington & The Star), so the song name in his page is missing from one entry.
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Wow, great work ljdoncel!
May I ask how you were able to find this data?
Thanks for all the added evidence.
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Thank you very much!
May I ask how you were able to find this data?
Sure, please take a look at Alternative Interfaces and this thread ().
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Thanks all for the helpful details of the fault and examples, I've cut a ticket to our tech teams to investigate.