Sorting actors/directors/etc titles by votes or ratings is no longer useful

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It seems that today IMDb decided to destroy its extremely useful Filmographies function, where I can't even estimate how often I use it a day.

Until now, each page for persons on IMDb had a handy link on the left where you could sort the person's page by certain parameters such as votes, ratings, year, genre etc., all shown for their departments respectively (being their activity as a director, writer, actor, stunt or soundtrack department or even as themselves). This made it easy to determine which work was most popular, relevant or acclaimed for these persons. Here are two examples for the work of Kenneth Brannagh as a Director, sorted by rating and by votes:

Note that Kenneth Brannagh's work as a producer for the Wallander series also is listed in the category below, but can easily be ignored if I'm just interested in his efforts as a director (for example). Even the fact that he appears in the absurdly superfluous "Thanks" section of The Avengers is reflected, but I never come to scroll that far.

Now see what they have replaced those handy links with: A general search for titles with the person, all categories mixed together, without any possibility to restrict it to certain acting or directing departments. In the case of Kenneth Brannagh, it looks like this:

Good luck trying to find out what he has to do with these 332 (!!) titles whatsoever.

I am beyond mad how IMDb manages to kill every function that has been simple and useful about it, while there still is no possibility to get the most basic simple statistics as calculated on IVHA back in the day (R.I.P.).

Note that even filtering by title type doesn't help because the search still makes no distinction for different production roles.

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Posted 7 years ago

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I am at a loss for words ... or at least words I would say in public. As stated by the original poster, the sorting ratings by filmography is extremely useful.

I believe it is was a major mistake to remove ratings by filmography.

I will miss the old functionality.
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Also flagged up here:

No official word yet.

This is where having an option to filter/sort by role would come in very handy - I've thought it before but now it is vital. Worth a suggestion?

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I just noticed this now. Let's just say I was not pleased by this change. I suppose it can be made to work if sorting fields are introduced that lets you sort one sort of credits from another, although it would still be a huge step back from how it was before. There you could see all credits on one page. In this new view it's paginated with 100 credits per page, and will be a complete pain going through for people with several hundred or even thousands of credits; after all - each episode of a TV-series they've been in is listed separately on this list, meaning that many people who've done mainly TV work will get lists spanning more than 10 pages of credits in this view.

In short; stop this senescence! You've done many bad changes before, some of which I didn't even think possible to top, but this one has proved me wrong...
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I just noticed that all hope isn't completely lost (yet anyway); you can still get the old view by manually changing the URL of a person, by adding "/filmorate" or "/filmovote" behind the "nm???????" part of the URL (removing "/reference" from the URL if you use the reference view). For example:
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Thank you cartman_1337!

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