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In general the rating system work good BUT imho the rating system for series could be improved offering the possibility to vote also for a season rating which could be shown (A) in the main page of a series WITH the "overall rating" or (B) in the main page of ratings, which could be easier (you can already rate the single episodes but that rating is not so visible since you can see it only on the episode page).Why do this? Example: a series like "The Sopranos" has a global rating of 9.2 and would easily get a rating for every season between 9 and 9.5; BUT a series like "Lost" could easily have a very high rating for the first two seasons (possibly over 9) and then the rating would start to fall significantly. (IMHO)I thnk this kind of information a little bit more detailed about the series could be helpful.
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Posted 7 years ago

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Its a good idea, although I'd prefer the season rating to be drawn from individual episode ones - of course you could have both: a rating for series, and a pooled series rating of all the episodes; then a rating for season and a pooled season rating from all that seasons episodes. Perhaps with links to breakdowns of votes.

Also suggested here, might be best to merge them if we can - it is better to give one suggestion one thread as it spreads out the +1s and so it might not get the attention from staff that it needs:
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It would be great if I could give (and see) the IMDb star-rating for each season of a TV series.

Especially in this, the golden age of TV, seasons can vary greatly in e.g. style, setting, quality and talent. For this, a separate rating for each season would be justified.
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I wasn't aware of this thread and posted a separate one.
Maybe it should be merged into this one.

That said, however, I am a bit afraid this feature/option will never be introduced, considering it was suggested 7 years ago. Users should be able to rate per season, by selecting each season, or to rate all seasons, in the main page, just like today.
The main page to show rating per season and overall rating.

It might roughly show like this...

Admittedly, probably still not perfect, but at least a slight improvement.

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Here’s what I personally think, let’s just have the ability to rate seasons, and leave it at that. That’d be far easier to implement for them, and it’s personally all I need. (I think the show, an episode, and a season are different enough things that I’d want them to be calculated separately.)

Here’s some examples on why this should happen:

American Horror Story is the best example I can come up with because it’s an anthology SEASON show!

But, even more examples:

-24 gets an 8/10 from me, but Seasons 1-4 get an 8/10, Season 5 gets a 10/10, and Seasons 6-8 get a 6/10.

-The Office gets an 8/10 from me, but: Season 1 8/10, Season 2 9/10, Season 3 10/10, Season 4 8/10, Season 5 7/10, Season 6 7/10, Season 7 6/10, Season 8 1/10, Season 9 6/10

Also people were very unimpressed with Game of Thrones Season 8. As of now I think the overall rating of the show has dropped just enough, but it could drop SIGNIFICANTLY, and all because one short season sucked? Granted it was the final season, but still, if you could rate seasons I think Game of Thrones’ overall rating would stay where it is, and everyone would show that Season 8 is a HUGE drop in quality compared to the rest of the seasons!

Just like How I Met Your Mother, The Simpsons, Family Guy, and not even just the long running sitcoms with 7 or more seasons!

There’s so many people that just watch shows and rate them as a whole, and yeah maybe they noticed a quality drop when Michael Scott left since he was a major character, but mostly they just think overall whether or not they liked the show.

Then you’ve got the people that sort of think of each season as its own show in the sense that when a new season starts, you think okay how’s this season gonna hold up, and you’re willing to rate them all differently if they’re not all consistent!

Then there’s the people who rate episodes, and they’re devoted fans! Most likely they’re doing it for the huge shows that everyone else loves, but basically all shows have episode ratings on each episode, and that’s because sometimes an episode resonates with you personally so much that you want to remember which episode it was, and what you thought about it, by rating it. For different people those are different episodes.

Am I crazy? To me the three ratings are very different, but we still need to get to 3/3 options available!
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With this system, I tend to give the rating to the first season of the show, to give an idea if the show is worth the watch to begin with. But, in the long run, that can give an extremely misleading picture of the whole show.

An example that comes to mind is the 2006 series "Heroes". The first season was amazing and/but it had a full story arc, that could and should have ended right there. The series was a success and was forced upon three more seasons. The level of storytelling dropped and it was a literal pain to watch from there on. (Something similar happened with the original "Twin Peaks" series, but I won't go there now.)

In the same vein, something weird happened with the show "Fear the Walking Dead". It may be that the show was searching for itself or that I myself had problems relating to the storytelling or to the characters, but I just couldn't get on board. I couldn't really tell what was wrong, but after a decent first season, for every subsequent seasons, I had to wrestle with myself to decide if I wanted to continue watching it or not. ...And I'm a zombie fan, ...I watch anything with zombies in it, ...even Z Nation. Anywho, with the season four, "Fear..." became great. Something happened that made it work for me and now I'm a fan.

I wish I could communicate these things with IMDb stars. I really do. I hope we get a seasonal rating system sooner rather than later.

(Note: All opinions presented above are subjective)
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Just making a post here to support this idea. IMDb should have separate season rating for a TV show.