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In general the rating system work good BUT imho the rating system for series could be improved offering the possibility to vote also for a season rating which could be shown (A) in the main page of a series WITH the "overall rating" or (B) in the main page of ratings, which could be easier (you can already rate the single episodes but that rating is not so visible since you can see it only on the episode page).Why do this? Example: a series like "The Sopranos" has a global rating of 9.2 and would easily get a rating for every season between 9 and 9.5; BUT a series like "Lost" could easily have a very high rating for the first two seasons (possibly over 9) and then the rating would start to fall significantly. (IMHO)I thnk this kind of information a little bit more detailed about the series could be helpful.
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Posted 7 years ago

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It would be great if I could give (and see) the IMDb star-rating for each season of a TV series.

Especially in this, the golden age of TV, seasons can vary greatly in e.g. style, setting, quality and talent. For this, a separate rating for each season would be justified.
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I wasn't aware of this thread and posted a separate one.
Maybe it should be merged into this one.

That said, however, I am a bit afraid this feature/option will never be introduced, considering it was suggested 7 years ago. Users should be able to rate per season, by selecting each season, or to rate all seasons, in the main page, just like today.
The main page to show rating per season and overall rating.

It might roughly show like this...

Admittedly, probably still not perfect, but at least a slight improvement.