Ratings: Show season ratings for TV series.

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In general the rating system work good BUT imho the rating system for series could be improved offering the possibility to vote also for a season rating which could be shown (A) in the main page of a series WITH the "overall rating" or (B) in the main page of ratings, which could be easier (you can already rate the single episodes but that rating is not so visible since you can see it only on the episode page).Why do this? Example: a series like "The Sopranos" has a global rating of 9.2 and would easily get a rating for every season between 9 and 9.5; BUT a series like "Lost" could easily have a very high rating for the first two seasons (possibly over 9) and then the rating would start to fall significantly. (IMHO)I thnk this kind of information a little bit more detailed about the series could be helpful.
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Its a good idea, although I'd prefer the season rating to be drawn from individual episode ones - of course you could have both: a rating for series, and a pooled series rating of all the episodes; then a rating for season and a pooled season rating from all that seasons episodes. Perhaps with links to breakdowns of votes.

Also suggested here, might be best to merge them if we can - it is better to give one suggestion one thread as it spreads out the +1s and so it might not get the attention from staff that it needs:
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thanks Emperor, I just realized there were old threads about this
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I agree that having the possibility to rank by season would be fantastic. As I read through the forum maybe it is better to rate by episodes or the show as a whole for statistical purposes, and if that is the case, I agree to go on using that system. However, why not having the rate by season only as a user information. I'd love to have the season rate displayed on the top once I click the season number. This way you can get a quick general idea whether the season you're about to start watching seems to be good or not. Thank you.
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Was just playing with this thought and decided to bring this idea up when I noticed I am not the first one with this idea. I like it and I would definately use the feature/rating/graph if ever implemented in one way or another.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Ratings: Add the option to Sort Top Rated TV Series by number of seasons / episod....

I wish we could sort the "Top Rated TV Shows" by number of seasons/ episodes. This would give the viewers an idea of the time-investment. If I want to binge on a show for a day, I will go with 10-hour-long episodes or 22-half-hour episodes. Any which way, it would be extremely helpful. What do you think?
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Ratings: Rate TV seasons.

It'd be nice if we could rate each season of TV show.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Ratings: Allow season ratings.

Would be nice if I could rate a season of a TV show rather than the entire show or individual episodes
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Ratings: Allow the rating of seasons.

So TV series can run for a while and that means that some seasons can be worse and some better so because of that we should have rate each season. And if we for example rate all episodes in one seasons it should make an average out of rated episodes and if we dont like the average rating for example we think the season was better we should change it.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Ratings: Allow season rating for TV series.

Currently you can rate just a TV series as a whole or each episode of the series.
I find none of those particularly suited, when considering the diversity in style which comes from one season to another. Take for example True detective, which has now started it's second season, which has nothing to do with the first one that the public appreciated and loved. The current rating system forces you to give the series one rating even though there are really two different movie projects. 
The episode voting is not much helpful either, as people don't remember what each episode brought to the series, unless you vote a rating right after you've seen one, which i doubt that many of us do.

To put it in a nutshell, the current rating system for TV series works something like if you'd have to give The Godfather part I,II and III just a single rating. You just can't!
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Ratings: Display Average Episode Rating for Each Season.

Exactly what the title says. Here's an example using "Parks and Recreation". I wanted to find out the highest rated season, so I averaged the ratings of each episode within each season. Why hasn't this been implemented yet?

Season 1: 7.38 (6 episodes)
Season 2: 8.23 (24 episodes)
Season 3: 8.58 (16 episodes)
Season 4: 8.40 (22 episodes)
Season 5: 8.31 (22 episodes)
Season 6: 8.22 (22 episodes)
Season 7: 8.62 (13 episodes)
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Ratings: Rating episodes vs. whole series.

Less than 24 hours after the Series Premier of 9-1-1, 332 IMDB users had already rated the entire however-many-seasons/episodes-it'll-be show at 6.7. Only 127 went to the actual episode on the website or app to vote their rating, but those folks gave the episode a 7.5.Clearly people who might be impatient or quick to judge are rating entire TV series based on one show. I suppose it's possible that a few may be unaware that you can rate individual episodes.I feel that TV series should only have rating functionality on individual episode pages, and that entire series' ratings should be based on combining those. This will provide a more accurate depiction of IMDB users' overall sentiments about shows.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Ratings: Add the option to rate and review series by season..

It's been suggested a lot, it would seem. But it would be an extremely useful feature to have the ability to rate and see a consensus on the quality of individual seasons of TV series.

TV has come a long way, and with a lot of online services releasing shows in entire seasons all at once, that grouping is becoming more and more common. People want to know how the second season of Stranger Things stacks up to the first.

This would also be incredibly useful in reviewing and rating anthology series. True Detective, for example, is widely agreed to have an amazing first season, but a lackluster second. Seeing as those seasons are two completely separate stories, it would be a lot more convenient and accurate to be able to judge them separately.

Hopefully someone on the IMDb team sees this. I think with the current TV climate, this would be a very simple, but very useful feature to add.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Ratings: Vote for seasons individually.

Dear Imdb , it may be better if also there is ratings for season . so people can know more about series they like. already we got top 250 TV that i was waiting for a long time . so if you add ratings as per season it would be great. i know this has been posted many times but still if you took actions it would be great. BTW imdb is my favorite site. Thank you.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Ratings: Separate ratings for each season of a show is much more accurate..

Rating a tv series is so much more complicated than rating a movie. a movie has a beginning and an end, thus we can appraise it as a whole.  Which raises the issue with rating a current TV series; should we even rate shows which are still running, which are still telling their story? an example: Mr Robot. Hasn't even finished its first season, yet has a rating and a prestigious place in the top 250. Thus the accuracy of its rating is overshadowed by its fan following at the time of voting. Its like rating a movie after watching only the first 15 minutes. And to use a show like True Detective as an another example, where each season is like a separate story, and one is completely unconnected to the other. It would be more feasible to judge each story, that is, each season on its own merits.

Secondly, a more hypothetical question: how should we rate a TV series like The Simpsons? Obviously deserves a place in the discussion for most important TV series of all time. Yet firstly, its still going, so judging the entire series as a whole cant be done yet. Secondly, the amount of mediocre seasons FAR outweigh the amount of great seasons now, and yet people love the great seasons so much they will rate the show highly, even though these seasons are like 20% of the entire run. Which supports my aforementioned point, to have ratings for each season, rather than the shows run as a whole. 
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Ratings: There should be ratings for individual seasons of tv shows.

There's ratings for tv series as a whole & individual episodes, but why not seasons as a whole? I think you can get a better idea of what people thought of a season with it, instead of looking at every episode individually.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Ratings: Rate TV Shows By Season.

Since television shows can run for multiple seasons, a single "User Rating" for a TV show is not sufficient. Users should be able to rate each season (year), providing an indication not just for past years but current year, providing a powerful indicator of current popularity, acknowledging ongoing excellence or calling out weaknesses for a particular season. Overall aggregate for all seasons should be shown as well.
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I'm all in for season ratings, but people should have a right to rate the whole run, as well. 
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It would be great if I could give (and see) the IMDb star-rating for each season of a TV series.

Especially in this, the golden age of TV, seasons can vary greatly in e.g. style, setting, quality and talent. For this, a separate rating for each season would be justified.
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I wasn't aware of this thread and posted a separate one.
Maybe it should be merged into this one.

That said, however, I am a bit afraid this feature/option will never be introduced, considering it was suggested 7 years ago. Users should be able to rate per season, by selecting each season, or to rate all seasons, in the main page, just like today.
The main page to show rating per season and overall rating.

It might roughly show like this...

Admittedly, probably still not perfect, but at least a slight improvement.