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This is an unresolved issue from Contributors Help. To summarize the problem, there was a production of Jane Austen's Persuasion starring Amanda Root and Ciaran Hinds which was theatrically released in the USA, but is classified as a TV episode based on its original release int the UK. See

Now when people search for "persuasion" even among exact title matches, they sometimes have trouble finding it because it's listed among the TV episodes in the list. See
The result comes out like this:
Persuasion (2007) (TV Movie)
Persuasion (1971) (TV Mini-Series)
Persuasion (2015) (TV Series)
Persuasion (1960) (TV Mini-Series)
Persuasion (2007) (Short)
Persuasion (I) (2014) (Short)
Persuasion (2008) (Short)
Persuasion (III) (2014) (Short)
Persuasion (2012) (Short)
Persuasion (2016) (Short)
Persuasion (1961) (TV Episode) 
- Season 1 | Episode 31 
The Pursuers (1961) (TV Series)
Persuasion (2015) (TV Episode) 
- Season 3 | Episode 3 
Bates Motel (2013) (TV Series)
Persuasion (2011) (TV Episode) 
- Season 1 | Episode 3 
The Tracy Beaker Survival Files (2011) (TV Series)
Persuasion (2008) (TV Episode) 
- Season 38 | Episode 1 
Masterpiece Theatre (1971) (TV Series)
Persuasion (2013) (TV Episode) 
- Season 3 | Episode 11 
Transformers Prime (2010) (TV Series)
Persuasion (TV Episode) 
- Season 1 | Episode 17 
English Composition: Writing for an Audience (2001) (TV Series)
Persuasion (2014) (TV Episode) 
- Season 9 | Episode 17 
Criminal Minds (2005) (TV Series)
Persuasión (1972) (TV Episode) 
Novela (1963) (TV Series)
Persuasion (1993) (TV Episode) 
- Season 9 | Episode 20 
The Bill (1984) (TV Series)
Persuasion (2003) (TV Episode) 
- Season 6 | Episode 17 
Dream Team (1997) (TV Series)
Persuasion (1995) (TV Episode) 
- Season 11 | Episode 3 
Screen Two (1985) (TV Series)
Persuasion (2004) (TV Episode) 
- Season 1 | Episode 7 
The Regency House Party (2004) (TV Mini-Series)
Persuasion (2010) (TV Episode) 
- Season 9 | Episode 13 
Smallville (2001) (TV Series)
Persuasion (2012) (TV Episode) 
- Season 2 | Episode 79 
Soda (2011) (TV Series)
Notice that even among the TV episodes, which are listed below all the theatrical films, TV movies, and TV mini-series, the Amanda Root "Persuasion" is only listed 10th among them. Among the episodes it is listed below is "English Composition: Writing for an Audience: Persuasion" (, an educational program for teaching writing to high school students. Since that has no release date, it hasn't been opened for voting yet. By comparison, the 1995 "Screen Two: Persuasion" has 9,015 ratings votes -- more than all the other episodes titled "Persuasion" of other TV series combined (as of when I last checked).

It should be possible to adjust the search results to make this title easier to find. "Screen Two: Persuasion" is the second-most-voted TV episode of the 20th century listed on IMDb. (There are a lot more episodes with more votes from the 21st century, but only the "Twin Peaks" pilot has more votes among 20th century episodes.) Trust me, more people are looking for the Amanda Root "Persuasion" than the one from "English Composition: Writing for an Audience".
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Thanks for raising this -- these are good points and we have opened a ticket with the search team. 
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Persuasion (and other similar cases) now appear in the suggestion search, thanks.

We still need to do more work on the full search results.