Search function issue (Sallie Gardner at a Gallop)

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I think this is the oldest title on imdb. Most Popular Titles Released No Later Than 1880 (title is not listed) Most Popular Titles Released In 1880 (title is listed)

It does not have to do with the date. If I put in 1881 instead of 1880 in the first link, it's still not showing. Can anybody explain that? Is it a bug?
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Posted 7 years ago

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I believe in that field you need to give a range. So, if I put 1000-1880, it returns that title.

I don't know it it's a bug or intended, though. Seems it should work with just a start or end date, though.
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This help for "Release Date"
If you would like to search for titles released before, on, or after certain dates(e.g. titles released on March 13th, 1987 or later), put 1987-03-13 in the first date box, and leave the second box blank. If you would like to search for titles released before a certain date (e.g. titles released no later than 1952), leave the first box blank, and put 1952 in the second box. If you would like to search for titles released between two dates, put the earlier date in the first box and the later date in the second box.
So it appears there is a bug in the code.

Fortunately, the search works properly if you supply a start date.,1880

There earliest date I could find in which only an end date works is 1888. Unfortunately, this search does not find "Sallie Gardner at a Gallop".,1888

The search only finds "Sallie Gardner at a Gallop" if a beginning date is supplied.,1888
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A wise and very informed user, MayorDefacto, sent me this private message. I'm posting it with his permission:
The reason this title doesn't show up in the search,,1880, is that this title has no listed release date, Don't know why it works when a date range is entered, but I recall there were discussions about this when Advanced Search was introduced. See,, and the follow up two posts down. Then this one from Col, It's never revealed what was ultimately settled upon as the proper operation for this function.

This search,,1880, will find the title as it looks at title year, not release date (which varies by country). It's not however possible to create this URL via the ATS form.

The main problem I see with Advanced Search is that there is no explanation of what each parameter does, and sometimes they don't do what you'd expect them to do. Nor is it clearly stated on the form whether multiple choices will be ANDed or ORed. It's a mess that requires a guidebook that doesn't exist.