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It would be nice to be able to search "within" a movie or tv series to find a certain character or scene. For instance, in the movie The Fifth Element there isn't a listing for the voice of Korben Dallas' mother. I looked several times, not understanding why it would not be listed.
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FWIW, the IMDb FAQ page about that film has this information:
 Who plays the voices of Finger, Korben's mother, and Mr. Shadow?

No one was credited for these roles, and there's no clear evidence as to who was used. However, some have speculated that it was Jill Mullan, who is credited under Other Crew for "special thanks".  Others have suggested that Finger sounds like Bill Nunn or Vin Diesel but neither of these have been confirmed.
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I don't see what that function would add that is not currently easily available. When looking for data like that, I find that the browser's Find function (usually Ctrl-F) does what I need.

Looking for the Character or an actor, I would go to the Full Cast and Crew page and try 'Find'. Looking for a person or character in a TV Series,  I would search on the Episodes Cast page.
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"... I would go to the Full Cast and Crew page ...."
But the OP specifically mentioned an example (from The Fifth Element) of a voice role that is not listed on the Full Cast and Crew page.  In that particular instance, the relevant information can be found on the FAQ page, as I noted in my reply above.
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While that explains the example, it doesn't address the actual question/suggestion. Whether or not IMDb would add the feature, hitting ctrl-F then adding even a few of the letters of the target info is going to be just as easy. Adding a feature to do what you can already do with a PC might improve the app versions, maybe.

Either way, like in the example, it'd only be guesswork not knowing how they might credit her name, as Korbin's mother, as Mother, as Mom, etc. It might just end up being quicker to just open full cast and look (then try trivia, FAQ, the message board [Korbin's mother's voice], etc.).
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(The apparent reason why the Full Credits page does not list that
voice role is because there is no known proof of the actor's identity.
The identification is speculative.  That is why it is listed on the FAQ page
instead of the credits page.)

In that example case, there is an alternative way to quickly find
the desired information, by using a site-specific Google search:

The first result of that search is the FAQ page
where the desired information can be found.

(Looking closely at that Google search result, note that it
even provides a convenient "Jump to..." link which leads directly
to the relevant FAQ section about "who plays the voices ....")