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Why on earth was my review "declined" for not meeting guidelines (I can't see any serious breaches of suggested guidelines) when several reviews consisting of "dxxxzzzbbb" or other nonsense were posted.

Seriously? Does IMDB not want thoughtful reviewers of show episodes. Sorry I wasted my time. Maybe I should have sat on my keyboard and gotten a review posted.
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Posted 1 year ago

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You don't have to, but post the review. At least it can't be rejected here.
Maybe we can see what the offense was, or if there really is one!
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Rushed? Yes.

Beyond that, I still can't quite wrap my head around this episode or this season. All I know is that it feels rushed.

The writing isn't terrible. D&D didn't just suddenly become incompetent. They have been writing this since Day 1. And while they don't have GRRM's books to guide them, they do/did have GRRM's ultimate vision in hand. What is apparent is that they are rushed.

The languid, development-heavy, nature of S1-6 has been lost in this race to the finale. I prefer to think of it as a split Season 7...but even considering this as a larger whole, the last two episodes are just relentlessly rushed.

Was Dany meant to go "mad"? Possibly. We've seen hints in her character since the beginning. We saw the torching of King's Landing in visions at the Houses of the Undying. She warned Varys that if he betrayed her, she would burn him. She was loved by the people in Meereen. The people of Westeros only fear her. Her behavior isn't shocking, merely the sudden full-tilt of her wrath (minus a full season of full, final,development)...

Jon is Ned Stark's son in mind if not in body. He is so rigidly 'good' that, as with Eddard, he's lost in this plot. Had he simply "loved" Dany as she wanted, who knows? But his northern predilection against the excesses of Targaryen incest forbid it. I agree his dialog contributions have been wan, but his character is appropriately out of depth in this ugly, rapid, denouement; he may have Targaryen blood, but not Targaryen ambition or, um, sexual ethics.

I was disappointed that Jaime's redemptive arc was mostly for naught, but remember how this all started: "the things we do for love." It seems utterly appropriate that he returns to, apparently, die in the arms of the one he loved the most. Not a satisfying end for Cersei - it seems - but appropriate enough if that is where it stops.

Tyrion is Tyrion: inherently kind, possessed of a persistent filial loyalty, and ineffective as his intent (usually right and good) wilts in the fires of less good, more cynical, plots...

Euron was, as others have written, a waste of a character. What was with the Deadpool-esque breaking of the fourth wall - "I'm the man who killed Jaime Lannister"? Stupid and totally out of line with GoT conventions; other than being rushed, that is one sin I do lay fully at the feet of D&D.

So, yeah, the rush to conclusion has heads spinning after such masterful development over previous seasons. It is by no means "bad" (well, except for Euron), but it is suddenly spotty and dangerously inconsistent in light of all that development.

It is still mesmerizing to see, this episode more than any before it.

And I think, in the end, this is where it was all leading. As Ramsay Bolton warned us, if you think this has a happy ending, "you haven't been paying attention." This is no fairy tale and these characters are all dangerously flawed and prone to failing because of those flaws. Its real-world nightmares with dragons.

And I anticipate some incredible, and hopefully season redeeming (at least somewhat) twists in the finale.

Here's to hoping.

Then again, this is Westeros.
Summary: "...You Haven't Been Paying Attention"
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Hi Nathan -

I can see that there is nothing wrong with your User Review that would have warranted the rejection.  Please re-submit your review and post the submission reference number here and I will then ensure that it gets approved.
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Thanks Michelle, I appreciate it. Will do.