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Hi. I would like to report that my reviews have been targetted by a malicious user tonight. So far the last 150 reviews I have submitted have been hit with a 'not helpful' vote in the last half hour. As you can see from the link below:
I would appreciate very much if this could be investigated and hopefully reversed.

Thanks in advance...
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Posted 2 years ago

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I'm having a similar problem Frazer, and am sorry you're going through this. My case is not as bad, being not for every review, but I am confused and upset by it as I put a lot of effort and thought to my reviews. I have been writing reviews for individual episodes of 'Once Upon a Time' and a couple of hours ago or so I wrote a review for the Season 5 finale. I have found from about last week that somebody downvoted all of my Season 5 reviews (I haven't seen whether they've done it for my reviews of the previous four seasons but it seems likely) in a matter of minutes or certainly a short period of time which makes me suspicious. I just found that they downvoted the latest review clearly not long after it was submitted, I just checked as to whether the previous three reviews for the episode were downvoted too and they were not which makes me feel I'm being targeted.

What's upsetting for me is being in the dark as to why this behaviour is happening and why I seem to be targeted as I don't feel there's anything wrong with the reviews, it's all my own work and there is no terms and conditions violating. I do feel they achieve my aims of being perceptive, evaluative and respectful, clearly outlining what was good and bad without resorting to insults or condescension. That cannot be said for a lot of reviews being submitted nowadays. There is some similar wording here and there in summing up my overall thoughts of the show and of the respective seasons, due to many having similar strengths and faults abd showing whether the episodes fare in correlation, but from my outlining of the good and bad and naming standout scenes, performances and particularly good or bad assets without giving anything crucial away there is a lot about the episodes themselves. I really do not want this behaviour to continue, and it would be helpful for this to be investigated as it is starting to be with you because this is definitely suspicious. If I am doing something wrong, I will put my hands up outright and address it.

Sorry for the rambling. I try to explain and justify a lot and I find myself always writing a chapter of a book's worth. Hope this is sorted for you as what is happening is definitely suspicious activity. Writing reviews for the episodes have been part of a project of reviewing all the episides of the show. This I feel abuse has put me off continuing with the project if the reviews for the next two seasons are treated this way. Is it possible for the not useful votes are removed and the user(s) responsible dealt with?
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Hi Frazer -

I'm just following up here to confirm that the abuse case you reported has been reviewed by the appropriate team.  As we are considering systematic changes and approaches to this type of behavior we have documented this as a working use-case to prevent this abuse from happening in the future.  Thanks again for your report!
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Glad to hear.
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Encouraging to hear Michelle. Do you know if the abusive behaviour can be reversed in my case?