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Since September, I've been watching a selection of films in release date order.

I also keep my dvd inventory in release date order.

But when I look at a title page, it rarely displays the release date used for sorting.

I've received the explanation that the first date without an attribute gets selected, but I don't appreiate why that is deemed more useful than the first release date, which is used for sorting on Lists and via Advanced Title Search, and is the date Exported.

For example:
has initial release 
USA 29 August 1952 (Atlantic City, New Jersey) (premiere)

But the title page shows the November release in Sweden:

Perhaps modern films all have a "wide release" record and that's seen as more desirable because of lengthy festival seasons.
But for most older Hollywood films produced by the major studios, the initial release is the special premiere, and no wide release date is recorded on IMDb.
I'd guess that in the 1940's at least 80% of the 400+ titles I've viewed recently have a date on the title page different from the sorting date. Unfortunately I don't have a way to query that to be more precise.

I could describe more about why the initial release is important (ex: who hit the theatres first with idea X or innovation Y), but just the internal inconsistency of the way the IMDb site sorts and what is Exported, which are good, versus this display rule, which is different, is bothersome.
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I totally agree. When searching the net for release dates for a title I almost always find only premiere dates and not the dates of the directly following nationwide release. So I can only submit release dates with an attribute, which do not count as first release.