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you  look at her bio it states that she was a child model in the 1960's.
So that would make her somewhere between 6-16 years old.

If this is to be believed, then how does a 6-16 year old become a researcher on Star Trek (1967) or The Beverly Hillbilly's (1965). Her other researcher credits below are suspect too because she would have been still quite young. All of these cannot be verified, but common sense dictates that they are more than likely false if you use the Occam's Razor Theory of Deductive reasoning.

Now these topics if you take the time to read them show that Rae Sunshine Lee has had credits removed and these topics have rather misleading titles.
They are supporting research to have credits Removed. Not Retained.

These are by Bob The Moo
He also has many submissions for Rae, but non of them address the 1950's thru the 1970's credits. Apparently Bob TM Knows Rae personally.
This topic was rather large and even Bob TM admitted that he may have been a little lenient on accepting her word for certain credits and reversed himself. This is the Topic..........

His Post.....

In conclusion after reading all the topics thoroughly, I believe that a certain percentage of her work from 1980 and up is valid. 1979 and down, not so much. It is clear that there is obvious credit padding. An audit of those older credits would seem to be in order.
If you would like I can resubmit another contribution that addresses the 1970 and older credits only, as these are the most suspect. There may be additional padding of credits from 1980 and up, but I don't care to do that much work looking into it. I trust Bob TMoo's work, but it has been 5 years since that topic of his, so who knows what and who has added credits to her page. If it was done by bob the moo then that would be good. But those not done by him might need a little scrutiny.


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Posted 8 months ago

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Thanks for the additional details Ed, we do have a ticket open to investigate.

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She's not credited in The Beverly Hillbillies: Cool School Is Out.

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And she's not credited in The Beverly Hillbillies: Clampett-a-Go-Go.

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Hi all,

Thanks for your posts and patience.

I've looked into this now and can see that a lot of the information listed on the page is accurate, you can see Rae Sunshine Lee has had a fairly long run in the industry and has worked with the likes of John C. Reilly from her demo reels - this makes it harder to identify if specific credits as not factual as they are diluted within factual information.  

However, I've reviewed what information is left and any credits which I believe conflicts with her age (such as 'researcher') have now been removed - however, credits such as "Martian / Blondie / Girl #2" appear accurate and plausible for the age.

If you see any other credits on the page which you're certain should be removed, please submit a deletion and include a comment directing to this GetSat post and a direct reason for the deletion to help our editors verify these deletions to be factual.  

I've also taken steps to ensure these credits are not re-added without sufficient evidence.