PS: Most Frightening "Do Not Attempt" Movie Scene

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Which of these "Do Not Attempt" movie scenes* that sparked copycats or the fear of idiotic emulation is the most frightening occurrence?

WARNING: Do not attempt to duplicate, re-create, or perform the same or similar scenes at home, as personal injury, property damage or incarceration may result. The publisher of this poll is not responsible for any such injury, damage or incarceration.

See the partial list of controversial "Do Not Attempt" movie scenes here:
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Posted 2 months ago

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Jeorj Euler

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Funny this should come up right when I'm watching Nerve on Hulu.
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Apparently, the Nerve Dare game in movie has a real counterpart, called Double Dog Dare. It debuted the same week as the movie.

"Double Dog Dare is a game that allows users to send and receive dares within the community on the app. They can potentially earn money after posting a video of the completed dare. Users start by daring each other to do things. The app has suggestions that range from licking your elbow to writing your name with your left hand to streaking in public."

It seems like it could have been sparked by Nerve as the movie was in-development for a while before hand or at the very least both share a common inspiration. Regardless, it would be safe to say Double Dog intended to piggyback on the popularity of the movie, Nerve


Nerve Nerve App Dare Scenes

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My vote goes to the Russian Roulette Scene.
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Netflix's record breaking movie, Bird Box (2018) has the streaming giant begging viewers to stop viral blindfolded ‘Bird Box’ challenges.

YouTuber Jake Paul walks through traffic, drives blindfolded in ‘Bird Box’ challenge

Everyone: don't do the bird box challenge it's dangerous

“It takes a special kind of moron to not realize how that could result in serious injury,” tweets one follower. Pretty stupid to do in first place, but also arrogant to put other peoples lives in jeopardy for your own vanity. Others noted that “Paul never vocally warns fans” against trying the challenge at home.
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Why if you hear something very reckless and unfortunate done by a YouTuber heard in the news disproportionate number of the new items will include someone with Paul surname?.. I mean, despite their millions of followers I was completely oblivious of them before the suicide forest and now you just can't get away from them. 
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I had never heard of him before this Bird Box challenge stunt. I guess being an idiot pays well.

Temporary suspension from ad revenue on YouTube
"On February 9, 2018, YouTube suspended all advertising on Logan Paul's channels due to his "pattern of behavior", since he had recently joked about participating in the Tide Pod challenge, The income stream estimated to be worth more than a million dollars a month was halted, though temporarily."

  • 18.7 million (Logan Paul Vlogs)
  • 5.8 million (TheOfficialLoganPaul)
  • 23.5 million (total)
Total views 
  • 4.1 billion (Logan Paul Vlogs)
  • 416.7 million (TheOfficialLoganPaul)
  • 4.5 billion (total)
(December 15, 2018)