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Which live-action 'Transformers' movie franchise Autobot* character has the coolest configurations, or alternatively is your favorite? *some no/dual affiliation robot characters are included

See the partial list of 'Transformers' movie franchise Autobot characters here:

Autobots (current through 2017's Transformers: The Last Knight)
Optimus Prime
Wrecker Topspin
Wrecker Roadbuster
Wrecker Leadfoot
Sentinel Prime
Dinobot Grimlock
Dinobot Strafe
Dinobot Slug
Dinobot Scorn

Transformers: The Last Knight
Possible Character Additions (rumored)

Hot Rod, Alternate Modes: Citroën DS and Gray/Orange Lamborghini Centenario LP770-4
Sqweeks, Alternate Mode: Turquoise Vespa Scooter
Cogman, Alternate Mode: 2017 Aston Martin DB11
Canopy, Alternate Mode: shielding pile of rubble
Bulldog, Alternate Mode: Mark IV tank
Gar Jukion, Alternate Mode: Blue Mercedes-Benz Model 1924 Dump Truck
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Autobot Dinobots: GrimlockStrafe, Slug and Scorn
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Optimus Prime
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Optimus Prime
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Autobot:  Daytrader as voiced by Steve Buscemi
Alternate Mode: Mercedes-Benz LK Model 1920 dump truck

Autobot: Bulldog as voiced by John DiMaggio
Alternate Mode: Gray 1917 Mark IV tank

Autobot: TopSpin as voiced by Steven Barr
Alternate Mode: Hendrick Motorsports #48 Lowe's/Kobalt Chevrolet Impala

Autobot: Canopy as voiced by No One
Alternate Mode: Camouflaged Pile of Rubble

Autobot: Baby Dinobots as voiced by No One
Alternate Mode: None

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The next installment, Bumblebee (2018) premieres 21 December 2018 (USA).

(Bumblebee cast credits courtesy of Transformers Wikia and IMDb credits)
Dylan O'Brien ... Bumblebee (voice) Bumblebee is an Autobot whose modes include a Volkswagen Beetle and a Yellow Chevrolet Camaro
Peter Cullen ... Optimus Prime (voice) Optimus Prime is an Autobot whose past modes include a Red/Blue Peterbilt 379  Semi-Truck, Rusty Marmon Semi-Truck and Blue/Red Western Star 5700XE Custom Phantom Semi-Truck
Steve Blum ....Wheeljack (voice) is an Autobot whose past modes include a Blue Mercedes-Benz E550
Andrew Morgado ... Cliffjumper (voice) Cliffjumper is red Bumblebee dopplehanger whose past modes include a red Chevrolet Camaro and red VW Bettle (no prior live-action movies, but transformations supported by cartoon appearances and merchandising
Grey Griffin ... Arcee (voice) is an Autobot whose past modes include a Buell Firebolt XB12R and a Ducati 848 Superbike
Kirk Baily ... Brawn / Decepticon Soldier (voice) n film Bumblebee, Brawn appears in the prologue during the battle of Cybertron, where he was supposedly injured or killed by one of the Seekers. Brawn transforms into a Hummer HX with war modifications, such as the gun turret on top.
Dennis Singletary ... Ratchet (voice) is an the autobot's medic whose modes include an AM General Hummer H2 Rescue Vehicle
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He's sorta like me! Old and Beat UP!
Autobot Sqweeks as voiced by Reno WilsonAlternate Mode Turquoise Vespa Scooter
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Bumblebee (2018)  post-release bump
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I prefered the stan lee cartoons, the live action movie didn't have such good CGI not to my tastes and the movies weren't good either especially later ones. 
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Yes, I agree the series dropped off fast, but it did seem to turn a corner with Bumblebee. I did hear that the next one will be more like the last and Bumblebee (2018) taught them alot.
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Each of the movies is too long, but I was initially fascinated with the 2007 one. I have never even seen Revenge of the Fallen (but am willing to give it a look if I can watch it at no charge), whereas Dark of the Moon somehow both bored and overwhelmed me. Every sequel tries to outdo the previous in intensity, for lack of a better word. (A similar trend exists in The Fast and Furious franchise.) The Yeager family storyline was a nice comeback for the Transformers franchise, but many of the same problems from before reared their ugly heads. I've always appreciated the the special effects and the level of photorealism in visual effects, but a lot of times the style or "animation" is simply unreasonably jarring. Meanwhile, elements of plot convenience are always a disappointment, of course. I wish writers would be more careful about that.
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I couldn't agree more. Almost every movie is too action driven /effects driven and not enough story driven.  I have watched 3 hour plus movies that didn't seem long at all. These movies are 3 plus hours and they seem like twice that in running time. I was glad too see them cut the budget on the last installment, Bumblebee in half it made for a much better movie.
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Future Transformer Movie Outlook (per Wikipedia)
"On June 21, 2017, Transformers: The Last Knight was released. The film was universally panned by film critics and underperformed at the domestic and international box-office, becoming the least profitable film in the franchise. On May 23 the following year, the planned sequel was removed from Paramount's release schedule. By December 2018, di Bonaventura stated that there would still be further films in the series, while also acknowledging that the franchise will make some changes in tone and style due to the success of Bumblebee.

By March 2019, di Bonaventura stated that the studio was developing sequels to Bumblebee and The Last Knight,but the following month, he said that a direct sequel to Transformers: The Last Knight was not in development yet. Currently Paramount Pictures and Hasbro Studios are also developing an untitled spin off film based on the character Optimus Prime, a animated film set on Cybertron, a sequel to Bumblebee which will be a Bumblebee and Optimus Prime buddy movie, a live action Beast Wars, Transformers Love Stories, a Transformers/G.I. Joe Crossover, Live Action Transformers TV Shows and a Reboot film."

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14 October

In 2004, President George W. Bush declared Autobot Day an American national holiday, to be celebrated every 14 October.