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The influence of Hong Kong cinema can be seen far and wide. Bruce Lee remains a global icon, his martial arts movies classics. The groundbreaking action of The Matrix would never have come about if not for John Woo films and the action chereography of Yuen Woo-ping. Quentin Tarantino ripped off Ringo Lam’s City on Fire for his debut, 1992’s Reservoir Dogs. Moonlight owes much to the style of Wong Kar-wai films and the autuer was an influence acknowledged by Soffia Coppola when she collected the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay for Lost in Translation. While Oscar winning film, The Departed is a remake of Infernal Affairs.

Which movie included in the list do you like the most?


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Posted 2 years ago

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It was a jet li film you don’t have here. Hero
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Added, thank you.
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If I ever recreate my top 50 list of all time favorite films?

In the Mood for Love  and  Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000)   would still remain in the top 20 or even 15.

Chungking Express (1994) will be in the top 30ish?

It's an insane criminal omission that Kar-Wai Wong doesn't have an Oscar nomination!
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A few typos:

autuer -> auteur
Soffia -> Sofia Coppola
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Done, thank you Peter.
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 Infernal Affairs (2002).
Gripping and intelligent story with fantastic acting, including a typically stellar performance from Tony Leung. Inspiration behind Martin Scorcese's The Departed - but for me, Infernal Affairs is a tighter film whose story hangs together better. Thoroughly recommended 
Olivia Vacuum
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...the action choreography of Yuen Woo-ping.
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Thank you Jessica.
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I have yet to see most of these movies. only seen about 5 I think. :(

Just asking, if I'm going to watch all of these films, what order would you recommend? :D
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'Good poll. I noticed one missing word in the we'll-written, informative intro:

While the Oscar winning film, The Departed, is a remake of Infernal Affairs.

I love Hong Kong (lived there for about two months) and this is a good tribute to some of its films. :)
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The fact that 'The Host' wasn't included made this poll more difficult for me.
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If you mean that movie, it's from South Korea.
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2046 is 'objectively' the most grandiose and sophisticated out of all of these.

Scene for scene, even if overthought, I think it is still very well thought out.

To me, it is the single greatest Chinese (HK) film ever made.

It is the deepest out of them all and has stunning cinematography that far surpasses any of Wong's previous works.