Ratings: Provide a better rating for films based on eg. a user's location

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The current voting system creates one summary number based on all voters, which seems overly simplistic - additionally the breakdown is rather coarse (eg. US vs. non-US voters - is there really only one country worth accounting for independently?).

This is most apparent with Indian or Pakistani films where the films are aimed at the very large Asian markets and so the overall rating will be very high, yet for a lot of non-Asian viewers this rating doesn't provide a very good indication of the film.  For example, there are certainly Bollywood films that are widely appreciated in the West, but there are very many that just don't appeal to Western audiences - yet the rating alone provides no indication of which group a film will sit in.

Obviously one number can't tell you everything about a film, but hopefully something simple can be done to provide a more useful single number to help people make a quick decision whether to watch a film or not :)


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some indication on the main page for a movie could make it clear if there is a polarised opinion on a film - whether that polarisation is based on geography or other.  Graphic Novel adaptations are quite a good non-geographic case - people who know the source will often rate a film less well than a viewer coming to it new and so just rating it as a film in its own right.

[obviously a simple standard deviation could give some information - though this alone may not be entirely useful to explain where the split comes from]

Can the rating breakdown be made to give more useful info?  Instead of just splitting based on USA vs. other, could it be broken down more - perhaps by continent.

Even more useful could be "average rating by users from the film's country/continent of origin" vs. "average rating by users from other country/continent".  You could then display both the normal rating as well as a "best guess" average for a user based on their location.

I'm sure others can think of problems here or other ways this could be improved - feedback would be useful.
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