Primary images changed to DVD covers for Soviet movies

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I've been checking my lists recently and noticed that many popular Soviet/Russian movies display DVD covers as primary images instead of posters, unlike before. There is no lack of professionally drawn posters (in different languages) for most of the titles, yet somehow they were substituted with poorly photoshopped DVD covers recently.

So I made a number of suggestions to change primary images back to posters, explaining why, and all of them were quickly approved. But as I checked the pages later that evening, most primary images were reverted back to DVD covers! And today even more titles look like that.

Seems like some Russian company(ies?) using IMDb to aggressively promote their production. It wouldn't be much of a problem, of course, if the editors didn't approve the changes so quickly and actually checked new images before posting.

Some of them have "DVD" printed right on the cover, see Unfinished Piece for Mechanical Piano, Operation Y or Heart of a Dog (this one is also pretty ugly, compare to the previously displayed image which I tried to restore). Others don't mention DVD, but they are obviously produced by the same company with a red banner "Cinema for All Times" displayed above images (At Home Among Strangers, Office Romance, Striped Trip, Diamond Arm, etc.).

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Teremov, explaining this situation to best of my knowledge: distributors and/or production company likely has title scorecard on IMDb. It's a feature many companies here on IMDb have to upload official promotional images and videos. It's not 'agressively promoting their production', it's having official rights and sanction to influence representation on database. 

In short: RUSCICO, which is a very well-known distributor when it comes to home video likely has one, but so does Mosfilm to best of my knowledge and I have a slight suspicion that the latter is to blame. I further suspect that scenario because in all of the other cases covers are from different distributors and are also some of those which Mosfilm uses for official promotional images on streaming services. 

Anyhow, the only way I know to override the image which was uploaded as a primary via scorecard is having another scorecard and being another production company/official disitrbutor behind the movie. And, as you can imagine, studio will still change the image on short notice. 

I can thoroughly agree that studios with scorecards sometimes make questionable choices, because primary image for Za dvoma zaytsiamy (1961) is hardly the best choice available being a newly made vector drawing of questionable style not really reflective of that of the movie. But that's just my humble opinion and since Dovzhenko Film Studios also happens to have scorecard, it's their choice. 
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Hello again, Nikolay, and thank you for explaining me the details. I was certain that according to IMDb rules posters should be used as primary images wherever possible, and only then DVD covers. At least that's how American database feel - pretty much every Hollywood movie is accompanied by a poster, not a DVD cover, even straight-to-DVD movies (not to mention that the era of DVDs has long gone...).

My main concern is not so much the quality of images - I see how many of them could've been produced on modern Mosfilm/Lenfilm's request - but the way they are stylized by distributors, with additional banners, logos, etc. They make them look very cheap and similar, like all of them are part of one straight-to-DVD series.

The Chasing Two Hares poster might not be aesthetically pleasing, but at least it's a proper poster with a unique look. And it only states (properly) that it was produced by Dovzhenko. Unlike those "Cinema for All Times" covers by some literally unknown Mysteria distributor (can't even trace them down) which don't even mention Mosfilm.

Yes, Mosfilm and Lenfilm probably sold distribution rights to all those companies, but this means all of them can change primary images whenever they want to whatever they want? All at once? This is kinda weird. I remember the times when the majority of Soviet movies didn't have primary images or screenshots at all, only after everyone was allowed to upload images the situation changed. Before that very few distributors or copyright holders cared about the look of their movies at the database, and now they are turning it into some DVD shop(
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I thought that a DVD/Blu-ray cover can only be a ”primary” one if....
1) No ”posters” are not added.
2) It’s added first (meaning before some still image which could also be a primary photo). Option 2 also means that no ”posters” are not added.

But probably I was wrong, I’m not really familiar with scorecards etc. I always thought that poster takes priority.
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Yes, that's exactly how I remember the rule (?): posters first, covers - only in case there are no posters. I don't know, maybe I'm also wrong or the rule changed with time - my contribution to the image database is rather limited - but I always took the Hollywood database as an example. I can't recall a single American movie with a DVD/Blu-ray cover as a primary image. Here's one for Hellraiser: Deader, for example: a straight-to-video movie with a very low rating and 8,808 votes, but the primary image is still a poster which only states it will be "Available on DVD June 7".
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Hi there,

Thank you for inquiring about updating a main poster for a title on IMDb.

Firstly, some extended information about uploading poster images to IMDb; for future reference, if you are uploading an image intended to be the poster for a non-episode (Movie/TV Movie), we recommend the primary image to be in portrait orientation as the image will be cropped automatically. Landscape orientation isn't recommended as our system will crop it to fit the portrait frame which may lead to a poor quality display. This isn't something we can amend on a case by case basis.

To minimize cropping, we recommend a vertical alignment (i.e. portrait orientation) with an aspect ratio of 1:0.675.

For example:

Portrait - This image will display well.
Landscape - This may display poorly.

Regarding the selection of primary images, if you are uploading/choosing an image that fits the above criteria and is also detailed as a poster (you can choose the image type at the upload stage), then you will have an option to curate the primary image yourself simply by selecting the image. You can find step by step instructions on how to do this below:

Furthermore, you can double check which of the title's images meet this criteria by clicking See all [#] photos , then checking the filter section underneath Refine All Photos By on the right hand-side of the gallery - then the sub-section type. For example a title with a variation of image types attached:

Any image in the poster section will be eligible to use as your active primary image.

Lastly, if you are looking to change the primary image of a singular episode, the preferred primary images are still frames or "screen grabs".

I hope the above helps and have a great day!
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Not really. I asked why posters are changed to DVD covers, not how to add a poster.
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I asked something similar and I am still waiting for an answer.