Primary image suggestion issue, part II

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I already described the issue in and the issue is still here.  I keep on having strings of suggestions of posters in lieu of inappropriate images declined by the same reviewer with a bogus "Not enough evidence." summary. While the poster thing, as you can check, is just a minimal part of my contributions to the website, nevertheless it is demoralising to see these updates constantly rejected for no apparent reason.

Some recent examples:

Metti, una sera a cena (1969) ( #170828-163435-478302 ) I suggested the poster and I wrote in the summary:
“poster. Current primary image is a soundtrack album cover”.  I think that a simple look at the image would be enough, I added the explaination just to be 100% sure I had not to deal with it, but still... rejected per "not enough evidence".
The Villain (1979) ( #170904-215550-381502 )  I suggested the poster and my summary was apparently clear enough:
“poster. Current primary image is the dvd”. Rejected, not enough evidence.

Scusi, facciamo l'amore? (1968)  ( #170828-163330-415602 )  As I explained in the summary, current primary image is just an amateur artwork consisting of a cropped screenshot and the title. I suggested the official poster. Declined.

Brother's Keeper (2013) (#170828-164852-646702 ) The current primary image is a screenshot, I suggested the poster. I did not add an explaination because I considered the case too obvious. Declined.

I could add several other examples. At this point not even explaining in the summary why the poster is more appropriate than a screenshot or a video cover stop this "new staff member" from rejecting updates. He/she does not work well. If they don't understand primary images should be posters and not screenshots nor video covers (it does not seem so hard to understand to me, but that's it), why are them charged with checking primary image suggestions?
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Posted 3 years ago

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Hi Stefano -

I was able to see that the submissions were rejected by a new staff member who was over-cautious when reviewing these requests.  For the titles and posters you referenced, I have now approved the changes which are now live on the site.

If there are other primary image requests that you feel are valid and were rejected incorrectly, please resubmit those requests so our staff can take another look.  Cheers!
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Hello Michelle, while I thank you very much for approving my submissions, once and for all could you teach this new staff member about primary images? Are them aware of these complaints? Why is so difficult for them to understand "primary images = posters"?

Frankly I understood this rule in a minute, and assuming this staff member is the same I had previously reported in, this person was unable to understand this simple rule in 2-3 months, not even when I used over-accurate summaries to explain that I was submitting a poster while the current primary image was not.

Thanks in advance and I hope to not have to come back here to report the same issue again... have a nice day!