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Routinely checking director filmography of Francis Ford Coppola I've stumbled upon Apocalypse Now: The Final Cut (2019). My first thought was that this is a kind of situation that merits an individual title (like Roadracers (1994) and Rebel Highway: Roadracers or Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair (2011)), but upon closer inspection I am not that sure about this one. 

Firstly, the title was added very "bare bones". 

Secondly, user eyeMDbee who seems to be the one who added the title wrote this in his review: 
"First a disclaimer: When setting up this page, IMDB forced me to add a budged for this final cut, and because I found nothing in the web I calculated it on the 11 months production time with $300,000. Depending on the size of the team and Schott's salary this could be totally wrong, so if you know better, please add it in the comments here which I will read periodically, so that I can correct it. I did not add the actors or trivia, because you can look them up in the original movie, but if you find something wrong, please also write it and I will correct it. Thank you all so far for all your support!

Looking at the reviews for the original version I noticed that many 1 star reviews did not dislike the original movie, but the Redux version. Unfortunately they therewith dragged down the original movie's ratings which gives a distorted impression. So in order to give everyone of you the opportunity to rate and review the original and the final version separately I did create this page." 

While I find user's intentions noble, I am not sure that the title really fits the eligibility critieria. Now, I'm not aware on how different final cut is to theatrical version, but since we keep Blade Runner (1982) as one title despite significant differences between numerous versions, the doubt is reasonable. Of course, there are cases like Superman II (2006) and Payback: Straight Up (2006), so cases of alternate cuts given their own title pages do happen, but it requires specil circumstances I'm not sure were in place there. Moreover, review specifically states that budget is an assumption. 

On the other hand, though: page proven to be popular among IMDb users, was added into numerous lists, and rated by 231 users already, so that partially confirms that audience considers this final cut a separate entity to main Apocalypse Now (1979). It is possible that it could be re-hauled in a way similar to aforementioned 2006 cuts (archive footage credits for cast, more specifics)?.. 
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Posted 6 months ago

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Thanks Nikolay, I can see that the titles have since been merged.

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Great thanks, Will! 
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Just to note, the budget would be the same for all cuts.