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In the past when you submitted a quote and used character names that didn't coincide with the list of characters, the first time it triggered a warning, and then the new name was saved for use in later quotes.

Now, I found a problem that in most cases may be minor, as usually one actor portrays one character, but that can be bothersome when a single actor plays many characters and they all interact in many quotes. Now, for some reason, only the first character as portrayed in the cast list is saved and none of the other characters is saved, forcing you to use the "Others" option time and time again everytime you need to add quotes. This problem happens even when editing existing quotes. When you read existing quotes, they look normal with all the character names as you introduced them, but when you try to edit them, all the character names except, as I said, the first character on the cast list for that actor, are gone (or reset to that first character name as if all the lines were delivered by the same character talking to himself) and if you want to make the slightest correction, even if it's only fixing a slight typo, you have to manually reintroduce all the characters in the list, always clicking the "Others" option, selecting the actor and typing the character name by hand, being careful to introduce them in the same order they were originally introduced so as not to assign lines to the wrong characters.

In the end, if you do everything right, the quote is finally added or fixed and then anyone can read it fine, but having to introduce and reintroduce all the character names each and every time you want to add or fix a quote makes the job tedious. Like I said, if one actor plays one character and that character is introduced as it appears on the cast list, there's no problem, as that character name is the only one that is saved now, but it didn't work like this in the past. The names are not saved anymore and this looks like a bug to me.

Take as an example these screenshots, from the entry for "Sanders Sides", where all the characters are played by the same actor, Thomas Sanders. If you read existing quotes, everything looks fine:

When you click on the Edit button, the problem starts. All the character names are gone and reset to the first character name on the cast list:

When you click on editting the quote, it looks like this:

Down, the spurious character name appears in all the lines, but no characters are actually selected in the character list and you have to reintroduce them all, in the same original order, typing them if necessary, before you want to make any correction to the quote, and this again and again for the same or different or new quotes. I may be wrong, but I don't think this behavior is normal and it seems to be a bug of some kind, and it's been happening for the last few months already. I've tried with up to four browsers in three different PCs, and the same problem appears in all of them, so it's not a problem of configuration on my behalf.
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Posted 3 months ago

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Hey manbemel,

Thanks for getting in touch and sorry for the delay in getting back to you!

I've cut a ticket for our tech team to have a look into this.

Thanks for your patience.

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I had a problem which may be related and which the team could also take a look at.

When I edited quotes for Little Women, the character played by Timothee Chalamet was listed in the quotes page as "Theodore 'Laurie' Laurence". However, the character name in the cast list had been updated to "Laurie", which is the credited character name.

When I corrected quotes with lines by Laurie, the speaker appeared unselected, and I had to select the speaker. This doesn't usually happen. I used the character name "Laurie" from the cast list.

I was able to submit my corrections (200628-094549-742000), but the quotes with lines by Laurie were never updated even though the edits appeared to be approved.

I tried resubmitting six edits with Laurie lines, but they were declined with no specified reason (200630-165546-187000).

There is still a mismatch between the character name on the quotes page and in the update form:

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Speaking about this, I have just found a related problem. When the same character is portrayed by different actors, and you need to put these different actors in the same quote, an automatic correction is applied that forces you to assign a given character name for just one of the actors, no matter if you explicitly typed the name of the other actor appearing in the quote.

That automatic correction is wrong and shouldn't exist, because it doesn't fix anything and causes more trouble than what it intends to solve. If you have typed the actor and character, there's no need to reset it to anything else. Even if it was already in the quote list, there's no reason to change it as the submission would work anyway, and if you type another actor for that character it changes it to something you didn't wanna put in the first place and doesn't let you format the quote as you intended to do.