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It has been a long that IMDb haven't featured any polls at their official social networking sites. I was thinking if IMDb starts featuring some of the polls at their Facebook and Twitter accounts like they used to do before, our Poll department will get some publicity and more people will join the board.

It is true that after the shut down of message boards of IMDb, the average amount of votes per poll has decreased.

The Home Page promotion of IMDb polls is a terrific idea, but it is available to a particular portion of people who visits the website on a regular basis. The Facebook and Twitter promotion will take the IMDb Polls to a new level, a new group of people.

I am not proposing about one poll per day to feature at social networking sites, but at least 2 or 3 polls per week can be made.

Just sharing my promotional business idea. The final decision ill be made by IMDb Staff and I am looking forward to hear what they think about my proposal.

Thank you.
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Posted 3 years ago

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I wholeheartedly agree with this DC, it's sad to see the downward spike in votes and general energy on the polls since the shift to GetSatisfaction but I think this would be a great way to:

1. Get people who are actively involved in polls more engaged.

2. Inform people who AREN'T as a means of getting them more engaged.

3. Add the popularity that's been missing to the polls.

Count Pere as a +1, thumbs up, YES (however you want to put it) for this idea. Maybe they can even post some of our older polls to the social networking sites as well - I know my "Greatest Movies About Hollywood" poll was featured on Facebook twice and it's always great because you get an influx of comments, much more than you would on GetSatisfaction.

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I will agree that this is a good idea. Encouraging more engagement is always good. But I would like it to include another entry on it like "the now closed IMDb Dailey Poll message board was the best means to propose new polls" this would allow people to express their displeasure in a meaningful with statistics.

Two, open up "The Home Page promotion of IMDb polls" to all IMDb users. More is good.

I would also like to offer the idea of using the comment section on the bottom of everyone's list pages as a means of suggesting polls or selecting polls. The thing I don't like about this option is that you have to a Facebook account in order post a comment on a list that was a part of a poll suggestion. Why should you have a Facebook account to comment directly on the list pages if you already have an IMDb account? Don't get me wrong, I do have a Facebook account. I just can't use it right now for personal reasons. I just don't see why that this IMDb feature on public lists, public poll suggestion lists and polls is limited to Facebook accounts only and not open to it's own IMDb account holders too.

I would suggest opening up a relationship to some of the sites that IMDb holders have moved to , like Moviechat because people have problems talking about older movies and shows on Facebook and Twitter. Most of the poll suggestions have the older films and shows on them.

Lastly, ifI you don't want to read any negativity, I will strongly suggest not to read this next part because I don't how to hide this behind a spoiler mark up that I could have done on the old message boards. Here goes... This situation with the drop of the amount of votes per poll and just general visits to the site is the IMDb's own damn fault! When they closed the message boards, they chased users away from the site to getsatisfaction, Facebook, Twitter, and yes, Moviechat too. Those users were voters too. Stupid move!!!! The daily poll is suffering because of it!
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I totally agree, there were thousands of comments of displeasure about the closing of the Message Boards, and this is just one of many consequences, but one that is clear to everyone. The number of votes has gone down, because IMDb drove people away from their site. And also frequent poll suggesters have either gone away or are participating a lot less because they are are not comfortable or don't like this new site.

Promotion in social networks would be great, and a poll could be posted once a day or so without problems. That would also drive facebook users back to IMDb. Also, you have thousands of old polls to feature when the time is right. Today, for example, would have been a great moment for this old poll http://www.imdb.com/poll/Vi_lEKXxlLE/

Appart from this I say, as I always have, IMDb front page featured poll need to be changed more often. The old daily poll draw thousands of votes daily, and people went to the homepage everyday because it was always different, now as it stands for periods of 5 days to even a week, there's no reason to come everyday or to get encouraged to further explore the section, as it makes it seem as if it does not have a lot of activity, which is not the case as there are 3 new polls everyday.

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UPDATE (June 30, 2017)

It is great to see IMDb is promoting their polls on social media, Twitter to be exact.

From last 3 years I have seen that IMDb's poll promotion on Twitter doesn't bring as much votes as the promotion on Facebook does.

From Twitter promotion, you can get around 100-150 votes for a single poll, but at the same time Facebook promotion gives you at least 1,000 votes for a poll.

I think it'll be better if IMDb promotes their polls on Facebook as well as Twitter, our poll authors can get a handsome amount of votes. Just an idea.