Polls on mobile devices (viewing problem), Part 2

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Some time ago, I suggested some fixes for mobile phone IMDb polls, and they were successfully implemented.
But now, I have further suggestions to make phone polls better.

Here's an example: pbn's poll Top 250 Title Design, Part 2
If you're viewing it on a computer, it looks like this:

if you're viewing it on mobile phone, some issues are clearly visible.
I'm referring to the poll's intro:

1. the links are not visible (all four are important to this poll) and therefore, are not clickable
2. the poll's title is poorly visible, being in dark lettering, on a dark background
3. the formatting is broken (in fact, it seems that formatting is non-existent in phone polls, see this poll for reference)

The first two issues, I think, are major, while the third one is welcome, but not essential.

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Posted 2 months ago

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There's another issue I've found, which is connected to #1 in my previous post.
The black background can sometimes slide into the poll's intro itself, making the first line in the intro barely visible, like Ed Jones' poll Bad Ass Dads of Action:

Also, I said that #3 issue (lack of formatting) is not an essential problem.
However, it can sometimes lead to confusion.
For example, in the same poll, the second entry reads:

 , suggested by Jessica
Hiccup's Dad

However, on mobile phone, we get an unintentionally funny line:

no matter what people say, I am thankful for Jessica Hiccup's father being a part of this wonderful poll-making community. His suggestions are more than welcome!
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Well that's NO GOOD!
I went out with Jessica Hiccup in High School!
Her Dad suggested a lot of things.
Polls were NOT one of those suggestions!