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Comic Book/Superheroes:

Face-Off:  Bane vs. Venom

Face-Off:  Cable Vs. Deadpool

Face-Off: Guardians of the Galaxy Vs. Thor (Marvel Franchise)

Face-Off: Venom Vs. Deadpool 2

Comic Book Films 90%-Higher RT

Favorite Marvel Scene Using a Song

Favorite Marvel X-Men Director

Female Marvel Superheros/Supervillains Who Should Get Their Own Movie (20th Century Fox)

Female Marvel Superheros/Supervillains Who Should Get Their Own Movie (Disney)

Male Marvel Superheros/Supervillains Who Should Get Their Own Movie (20th Century Fox)

Male Marvel Superheros/Supervillains Who Should Get Their Own Movie (Disney)

Marvel's Cosmic Heroes

Marvel's Cosmic Male Heroes

Quicksilver Rescue Scenes

Superhero Film Score

WB's Wonder Wonder Oscar Contender Campaign for Best Picture & Director

Logan 2017:

Photography Art from Logan

Movie Quotes:

Professor X Quotes

Wolverine Quotes

Comic Character Casting:


Doctor Nemesis (X-Force)

Fantomex Casting(X-Force)

Nova (Richard Rider)  



Face-Off: Blade Runner 2049 vs Mad Max: Fury Road

Face-Off: Messiah Sci-Fi War Heroes: John Connor Vs. Cable

Comedy Parody: Sci-Fi  (2000- 2019)\

R-Rated Disney Animated


Face-Off: The Guest' Vs.'No One Lives'

Who Should Direct Next Ghostbusters Movie?


Face-Off: 'Baby Driver' Vs. 'The Fate of the Furious'

Face-Off: 'Dunkirk' Vs. 'Hacksaw Ridge'

Favorite Jennifer Connelly Performance 



Next Wolverine
Female Versions of Male Heroes Marvel
Cosmic Marvel Characters
Exotic Armor
Disney's Dark Side
Deadpool Quotes
Nightmare Robots
Nightmare Robots 2
Dark Nordic Films
Tech Noir 2010s
Top 10 Indian Stars 2016
Lady Deadpool
Bros Before Foes: Wolverine's Many Sidekicks
Favorite Wolverine Villain
Deadpool Vs. Logan (Films)
Comic Book Movies-Genres
Captain Marvel Vs Wonder Woman (Films):
PG Vs PG-13 Vs R Superhero_Films
Skull Characters
Starhawk Vs. Dredd
Marvel's Cosmic Villains
Adam Warlock Casting 
Cold Characters
Golden Characters
Best Comic Book Casting Choices 2018
Ahmanet Vs. Imhotep Vs. Han
Dracula Casting
Best Classic Sci-Fi Movie Score Soundtrack
Michael Keaton's Wing-Theme Comic Book Characters 
Superhero Movie Best Picture
Favorite Minimalist Sci-Fi Movie Poster
Carnage Casting
Oscar Nominated Minimalist Movie Posters
Phoenix Vs. Dark Phoenix
Doctor Doom 
Bros Before Foes: Marvel
Lasers and Heat Beam Scenes 
Face-Off: Pennywise vs Pennywise
Face-Off: Lasso Face-Off: Agent Whiskey Vs. Wonder Woman
Ghosts From Ghostbusters (Halloween)
Tom Hardy Face Covered Up Roles
Favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe Director


Outstanding Drama Series
Outstanding Limited Series
Outstanding Supporting Actor Limited Series
Oscars 2017 — Best Documentary Short


List Deleted (No Longer available)

Dead Comic Book Heroes: Please Bring Back to Life

Dead Comic Book Villains: Please Bring Back to Life

Female Soldiers

Sci-Fi/Romance 2010s

Favorite Wolverine Fight

Top 35 Avengers

Comic Book Writers & Movies

Comic Book Characters Who Should Get R-Rated Movies

Face-Off: Western Theme Comic Book Films 2017

Superhero Theme

Superhero Movie Soundtrack


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