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These movie titles contain the last name of the main character from the movie, without any additions. Whose title role performance is your favorite?

My list:



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Posted 3 years ago

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With a shout out to :

Mr. Bean

John Shaft (although I prefer the original, Richard Roundtree)

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FYC, here are some classic ones.

- Goodbye Mr. Chips

- Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison

- Scrooge (There are several films with that one that include the most popular and famous film version of "A Christmas Carol" (Alastair Sim) which was originally released as "Scrooge")

And several more. If you are going to use the Sim 1951 version, you are going to add a note saying that it was "originally titled and released as "Scrooge"."
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Thanks for the suggestions, but I use only name titles without any additions. I was thinking of a part 2 later, and than with additions.
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I see what you mean. Besides, Sim's "Scrooge" would steal the poll anyway. Too many people know that one.
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Three for three!

Live Poll
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