Live Poll: The Ten Seasons of Midsommar

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Budding film-critic darling and auteur, Ari Aster, released the follow-up to his divisive yet critically lauded Hereditary (2018) in Midsommar (2019).

Which of the following ten movies that he considered very important influences* during the making of his sophomore feature film would you like to watch the most ? Alone or in a back to back double feature with Midsommar?

(*As told in the recent IndieWire interview. 06/2019)
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  • worried that Swedish pagan cults might become popular in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

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songs from the second floor....
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Black Narcissus
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I like when directors clearly specify their primary influences in the interviews: it is really hard to find movies which were not influenced by at least 1-10 movies each, some may have much more. It's a natural process that has nothing to do wih plagiarism or unoriginality: it's just a reasonable tactic to use several other works which tackle simiar themes as a guide. 
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Hmm, maybe 'Black Narcissus' or 'Dogville.' There are some on the list that I haven't yet seen, though. I love this poll: the intro, the idea, the list, everything. 
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Oh, and the title!
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