Live Poll: The Most Wonderful Hollywood Actress Aged 55+

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A look in modern media. There is a common sense of delusion about
everybody has to be young. Commercials mostly show 25 year old anorexia
models without facial wrinkles, completely clean and they look like a perfect designed cyborg, made of plastic.

When you look at Sir Sean Connery or Sean Bean you might realize that some people don't have to follow that delusion, because of their rich and lovely personality. They mature like an extraordinary good vine, e.g. from Petrus vineyards. The older they get, the better they look, the more attractive they are. This also counts for many actresses. Now look at the actresses 55+ of age. Which of these actresses below did most grow to you heart or simply which of them do you most admire? (Please avoid to let their sense of taste for clothing or makeup at events influence your decision.) Tell me about her.


She has to be or have been popular.
She should be 55+ (I don't count on a few weeks difference, but not more than 3 month)
She should still live, the day it really becomes a poll. (in case of accidents, etc.)
She should also be a movie actress


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While the list includes several of my favorite actresses, I would place Jamie Lee Curtis at the top. I have always enjoyed her horror film roles , and I find several of her comedy roles (such as "Trading Places" and "True Lies") to be top-tier. 

I watced films with her when I was 10-years-old and I am reaching middle-age She has always kept me entertained in the intervening decades. 
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This poll Seems to be a runner. The guys should follow soon. ;D
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Today: Happy Birthday to the very wonderful Sandra Bullock ! :D