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The Keystone State is the official nickname of Pennsylvania. The word keystone is from architecture, it describes the central wedge-shaped stone in an arch which holds all the other stones in place. Pennsylvania is called "The Keystone State" because it was the middle colony of the original thirteen colonies, and because Pennsylvania has held a key position in the economic, social, and political development of the United States (source: Pennsylvania became the 2nd state of the United States of America in 1787.

These movies have a connection with Pennsylvania. They are (partially) filmed there or it's a topic in the story. Which movie (or movie poster) do you associate the most with Pennsylvania?

My list:
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1.) The Silence of the Lambs

(Much of it was filmed in Pittsburgh and an important historical building and monument in Pittsburgh is shown a few times, inside and out -- it's the building that, in the film, serves as the new prison where Hannibal is taken. The main public museum of natural history in Pittsburgh also served as the place where Clarice goes to consult with the insect experts. Several other areas close to Pittsburgh were also used for filming so most of the movie was filmed in southwestern Pennsylvania.) 

2.) Pittsburgh was used as Gotham City in 'The Dark Knight Rises.'

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Thanks! I removed Mannequin (1987) and I added The Silence of the Lambs and The Dark Knight Rides.
Very cool that your work can be seen in a movie.
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Yeah, it's a cool place: it's where Michael Chabon, who wrote the book on which the film is based, went to school for his undergrad degree. 
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rubyfruit76, Pittsburgh seems to be a really cool city. I often hear it being favored by filmmakers due to architectural variety and, of course, there also a native classic director, George A. Romero, who directed most of his works there. 
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My vote would go to 'Wonder Boys.' The campus on which much of it takes place is where I teach. : )
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My vote goes to The Deer Hunter (1978).
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