Live Poll: The Best Turkish Directors

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Best Turkish director according to you?


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Posted 12 months ago

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So much love for Fatih Akin.
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ilyas Kutlu,

Thank you for your poll suggestion. Thank you also for including a working discussion link in your list.

It' a shame that IMDb does not have images for many of the directors on your list. It's generally a good idea to move the choices with images to the top of the list. If you would prefer not to completely reorder your list, please consider having images for the first five choices.
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Congratulations! :D
I think it's a good idea to concentrate not only on holywood, but also on other locations. To my shame I haven't seen so many turkish movies I could connect to the Turkish director who made them. So I make it simple and vote for the one Turkish director I know I've seen some movies from. Our German Turkish director Fatih Akin ! Good stuff !
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The Best Turkish Directors
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