Live Poll: The Best 2010s Superhero Movie

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Whether you like it or not, they've dominated this decade in cinema.

Which of these 2010s Superhero movies will you most likely remember?


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Posted 3 years ago

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Are these voters serious?
Im not complaining about most of the choices in the top, but you have Got to be kidding me when Ant-man and the Wasp is at the frickin Bottom of the list, and instead could be a contender for the top 5.

Also, I havent seen Justice league, but from what Ive heard in No way that movie could surpass the Quality of Civil War, Winter Soldier (which, imo should be in the top 5 as well), Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2, End Game, Kick Ass, Homecoming, Dredd, Doctor Strange (a fave of mine as well), The First Avenger (which I actually think is a much better movie, than I thought initially), Iron Man 2 (no idea why most people view it as trash - especially since IM 3, imo is much worse), Deadpool 2 (I actually like it a lot more than the first one, which just hasnt really clicked with me), Black Panther (overrated, but good none the less), or even Captain Marvel, which I was ready to hate because of the sjw buzz surrounding it, but actually enjoyed it thoroughly.
I enjoyed Wonder Women while it was on, and its alright, has its moments, but is it better than The Avengers, Infinity War (a top 5 must), and all the movies I aforementioned before? I dont think so.

Also, the list doesnt include X-Men First Class, which, imo is Easily the best X-Men movie of them all, and Im sad Singer got back on board and conjoined the fresh take with the one, that should have never been touched again. Days of Future Past was pretty good, no doubt, but I would have loved the movie so much more IF they didnt use the actors from the previous X-Men era movies, because I really wanted a fresh take on the franchise, since First Class was the perfect beginning for that... but then the almighty Singer came on, and... oh well,,,
After DoFP, the rest is just.... watchable, but in no way it delivered on the promise of First Class, which is a shame.
I havent even watched Dark Phoenix, and dont know if I ever will...
Oh, and Logan was really good, but it didnt click with me that much during my first viewing of it, so not sure about it being number 1. Im definitely open to revisit it at some point, though.
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