Live Poll: Rolling Stone's 30 Best Horror TV Shows of All Time

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The American pop culture magazine Rolling Stone ranked the 30 best horror TV Shows of all time. Which one do you consider the most horrific?


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Posted 11 months ago

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The Kingdom! Downright scary! (large parts being shot in the long gangways below Denmark's Kingdom Hospital). Need I say that they have a reputation for being haunted?
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Good list, although I think you changing the question from Rolling Stone's ''best of'' to your ''most horrific'' does hinder the chances of some entries in this poll. For example, I think the best show is Ash vs. Evil dead, but your question eliminates it from contention, in my opinion. You could argue that Buffy, Tales from the Crypt, Are you Afraid of the Dark, and some more, are not that scary either because that's not their point.
And yeah, I'm all for diversity in questions - it gets boring if every other poll is ''what is your favorite'' or ''which is the best'', but in this particular case, I think the question does heavily favor some entries, over others.
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You're right, it's a bit confusing. I changed the question to ''Which one do you consider your personal favorite?" which makes things much simpler. Could someone update the description here in the GS thread? Thanks!
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What about "One Step Beyond"? Before many of these listed here.
Shows how old I am. ; )

Not really a horror show

But had some very interesting stories

One episode sticks in my head.

A woman was waiting at an airfield for her husband, I think, to return from a flight in a small single engine plane.

When the plane lands she runs over to greet him.

She sees him and let's out a horrific scream.

We are told it was just his skeleton.
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2.)"ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK(1990-2000)";
4.)"DARK SHADOWS(1966-1971)";
6.)"MASTERS OF HORROR(2005-2007)";
7.)"NIGHT GALLERY(1969-1973)";
8.)"TALES FROM THE CRYPT(1989-1996)";
9.)"THE OUTER LIMITS(1963-1965)";
10.)"THE TWILIGHT ZONE(1959-1964)";
11.)"THE X-FILES(1993-2018)"; &
12.)"TWIN PEAKS(1990-1991)"
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Supernatural. I have only seen very few however. Also it isn't the most horrific as it is Comedy/Horror but I don't care.
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I changed the question to ''Which one do you consider your personal favorite?". It's better that way, because there are shows that are pure horror and others that just have horror elements. Now you can choose your favorite regardless of how much horrific it is.
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Hannibal - hands down. I must admit I havent seen most of these series, but the show is an underrated masterpiece, and combines psychological horror with body horror in such a surreal way, that it makes the experience so much more, than most people might expect, or want. I hope it comes back one day, though its quite unlikely...

Also, what the hell is True Detective doing on the list? Yes - the first season is a masterpiece, and it definitely had moments that were horrifying, but I wouldnt call it a horror themed show, especially considering the seasons that followed.

Btw, is American Horror Story worth checking out? Ive heard that a couple of seasons have been critically acclaimed, but if the rest is not worth it, can someone recommend the ones that are worth the time?
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It's Rolling Stone's list. They listed some shows that are not of the horror genre but just include horror elements.
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Wouldve voted for The Exorcist tv series if it was even on the list - HUGE omission!! Hannibal went off the rails in the last season, despite it being one of my favourites so didnt vote for that. Haunting of Hill House got my vote in lieu of The Exorcist being horribly omitted. 
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