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In many cases, the protagonist(s) of a movie is facing a time-limit failing which he/she has to face dire consequences.

Which film featuring the protagonist(s) in a race against time is your favorite?

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Apollo 13 (1995)
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Film noir at it's finest, and the ultimate race against time, your own death, D.O.A. (1950) or it's 1988 remake. The 1950 version is rated higher than to the 1988 version. 7.4 to 6.1.

In case that my attempt at link fails, be careful to put in the abbreviation periods between the letters or you will never find the film with the IMDB search engine.
It failed . So here are the links. For The orginnal 1950 version:
For the 1988 remake version:
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Back to the Future.
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Run Lola, Run.

'Good poll, good title, and really well written. You even wrote he/she instead of "they" -- I know I'm a grammar nerd whenI get enthusiastic about something like that, lol. 
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Thanks Dan